Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oprah's After Oscar Show!

Kristin and I waiting at the Hollywood Bowl at 5am!
Ok, here's the recap, folks! Our fabulous LA Oscar weekend was great. Besides being child-free for four whole days, there was snow on the mountains, plenty of sunshine and--of course--Oprah!! Our adventure began with our arrival in West Hollywood. We checked into our hotel and had dinner that night at Craig's restaurant in Beverly Hills. I wish I had a picture because there were 7 of us there that night. Me and 6 of my nearest and dearest friends that I hardly ever get to see. Love you girls!!! The next day consisted of leisurely shopping, eating, eating some more, getting some sun and watching the Oscars.

Usually, a trip like this would be accompanied by copious amounts of alcohol BUT, yours truly is preggers once again! That's right! Three months in, people. I am officially on the boring train for most of the year. However, the new baby is due in September so this year I will be anxiously awaiting the start of football season. Whatever works, right?
Hollywood sign with snow

M and K pimped out in LA
So anyway, we watched the Oscars, saw Melissa Leo drop the F-bomb and watched Anne Hathaway be her dorky self (albeit in some fabulous dresses) and got to bed early. The next morning we woke up at 4am to get ready to go to the Hollywood Bowl parking lot in the DARK to wait with the other 3498 excited Oprah fans. This line was no joke. It wrapped allllll the way around the entire parking lot, down to the street and around the corner. Oh, and did I mention that it was FREEZING cold and we were wearing dresses and heels? Not the smartest move but I mean, c'mon, it's OPRAH! We finally made it to the front of the line, where we proceeded to get wristbands and to stand in a 2nd line! By that time we were literally close to hypothermia and our feet were just frozen stumps.
Longest line ever

Just when we thought we couldn't take any more, we made it to a bus which took us to the Kodak Theatre (about 5 minutes away). It was enough time to slightly defrost and rest our feet and then, you guessed it, more lines! These new lines snaked all the way through Hollywood and Highland (outside, of course) all the way to the inside of the theatre. Here's where everything fell apart. Depending on what color wristband you had, that dictated where you were supposed to sit. However, the crowd/line wrangling at this point was super disorganized and the doors to each section began closing one at a time.

People were getting anxious. All the seats left were at the very top mezzanine. Oprah will be a tiny speck if we have to sit up there! It began to be a "find a seat at your own risk" type of a situation. Most people ran up to the 3rd mezzanine. Kristin, being the smart girl that she is, overheard two women say, "Let's just go down to the main floor." We figured that at least we had a shot on the ground floor...if we followed the herds, we would for sure be in the super nose bleed section.

View from our seats
We broke from the pack and took the escalators downstairs--the section for the pink and yellow wristbands, not our for-the-masses blue ones--and found....seats! Lots of seats all over the place. Right in the center of the stage, not too far back! We tucked our blue wristbands up under our coat sleeves and sat right down.

Luckily, just before taping, they asked everyone to remove their wristbands. Whew!

Katy Perry with real fireworks!
The show was great, it was a blast seeing Oprah in person (she had a cold, though...we felt bad) and to see the Oscar winners. There was a surprise performance by Katy Perry at the end which was fun. After all of that, it was over in an hour and we were on our way back to the hotel. A fun adventure that I'll never do again. :)

Until next time!
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