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This whole thing started when I became frustrated. Frustrated at how much football was watched in our household during football season. When I was at college at UCLA, football season was my absolute favorite time of year....the start of the school year, the amazingly perfect weather, the hot guys, the drinking of cheap bear and the most fun of all--watching the home games at the Rosebowl in Pasadena.

Now...even the most jaded person can get into the games at the Rosebowl! We came, we tailgated, we got drunk and happy and screamed our little hearts out. It was amazing because it was a real place where everyone cheered for the same team and you were pretty much forced to watch what's happening. And if you didn't know what was going on, guaranteed some dude next to you would take the time to explain it (so what if he was just trying to hook up? You could always simply excuse yourself and show up in another section) The energy alone would give me a high!

Cut to a few years later...married with two kids and football is on aaaaalllll day in our house on Sunday. Sometimes Thursday, for sure Monday. No cheering section, no cute outfits to sport in your team's colors. Yeah, not so much.

The "Chick 101" concept came about when I had an idea for a TV show years before (enough to where there is actually a script written out and copyrighted!) about a broad concept that dealt with ALL things essentially "male" translated and explained to women in terms that we can understand (Like how Fantasy Football is kinda like playing barbies.).

For instance, I'd love to know how to NOT get ripped off every time I take my car in for a tune-up, I'd love to kick ass at Poker, and maybe one day I'd want to figure out the strategy of War, Baseball, or Mixed Martial Arts fighting. Maybe.

I figured out that in order to make this happen, I'd need my very own expert in each of these fields. I'm slowly finding that my talent lies in getting information explained to me, asking a million questions, backing it up with research and then synthesizing said information into "girlspeak" as I like to call it.

In any case, I'm still looking for my experts in all of those other fields (and believe me, I don't want to offend the MANY women who may be experts in the fields I listed above because I know you are out there. I simply mean that in GENERAL, these fields are male-dominated.)

However, I found my football "expert" sitting right next to me on the couch! My husband, Mike,  and I now have a way to make Sundays bearable. I now know what I'm talking about and he helps me wade through the massive amounts of stats, players and games.

So there you have it! Eventually, I'd like to have a Chick 101 Empire (along with my very cute line of kids clothes-- Lazy Jane Kids!!), hence the title of this blog is "Chick 101-Football For Girls." One day I hope to have "Chick 101-Poker For Girls," "Chick 101-Cars for Girls," etc, etc.

I guess the only other thing you need to know about me is that I am NOT, nor do I claim to be, an expert in Football. I am learning along with you and while my goal for this site is to teach you about the game, I also want you to be able to check out my site during the week and not HAVE to watch the games if you don't want to. I'll tell you what to say to the guys. If, in doing so, you learn to love the game then all the better!

I hope you enjoy and always welcome any and all suggestions!

Love, Molly

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