Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super bowl XLVI

That's "46" for those of you that are rusty on their Roman numeral knowledge, like me. How is everyone doing? Excited for the big game? Well, like it or not, it's happening tomorrow. Pre game starting...hmmmm...well, it's probably on now!

Let's just start by saying that I wanted to gather a few recipes for you guys for your gameday parties but my friend, Jenn, over at Sports Stole My Man did such a great job I'm gonna refer you over to her site for that. Yum!! Thanks, girl!

And now on to the big game...
There are a couple of milestones that could be met on Sunday. (They are also some fun facts to memorize and impress your friends). For Tom Brady, this will be his 5th Super Bowl (along with Head Coach Bill Belichick). He has won 3 and lost 1. If he wins on Sunday, he will be one of only three quarterbacks in the history of the NFL to win 4 Super Bowls (the others being Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw and both of these guys never lost one). Brady will also be one of two quarterbacks in the history of the NFL to play in 5 Super Bowls (the other being John Elway who won 2 and lost 3). These are all Hall of Fame quarterbacks as well.

Fun fact: Buffalo Bills QB, Jim Kelly, lost 4 Super Bowls in a row but is still in the Hall of Fame.

As for Giants QB Eli Manning, this is his second Super Bowl and if he wins he will surpass his brother Payton Manning in Super Bowl wins (Payton has won 1 and lost 1). This may silence the critics of Eli Manning being an elite quarterback along with getting him out from under his big brother's shadow.

We in San Francisco are still reeling from the devastating loss of the NFC Championship and have very little interest in the outcome of the game. We actually want both teams to lose! Sadly, this is not possible. Tom Brady is a Bay Area native so some people are rooting for him but on the other hand, some do not want to see Tom Brady tie Joe Montana's Super Bowl wins.

This is a rematch of Super Bowl XLII (42) in which the Giants shocked the world and beat the then undefeated New England Patriots. The Patriots want redemption and the Giants want to prove it wasn't a fluke.

Madonna will be performing at the halftime show and it is rumored that she will be singing her new song (or at least lip-synching to it). We can only hope for some sort of wardrobe malfunction to make halftime interesting. I, for one, am strangely fascinated by her super-muscular arms so at least that should amuse me for a bit.

This should be a good, high-scoring game. The key to the Giants offense is their great wide receiving group and their three great defensive ends should be putting pressure on Brady. The key to the Patriots offense is their two tight ends and the mismatches they cause for opposing defenses.

Players to watch:
New York Giants
QB Eli Manning
WR Hakeem Nicks
WR Victor Cruz
WR Mario Manningham

DE Justin Tuck
DE Osi Umenyiora
DE Jason Pierre Paul
FS Antrelle Rolle

New England Patriots
QB Tom Brady
WR Wes Welker
TE Rob Gronkowski
TE Aaron Hernandez

DT Vince Wilfork
CB Devin McCourty
CB Kyle Arrington
CB Julian Edelman


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Superbowl stuff coming!

Stay tuned....
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