Tour Chick 101

Tour the new Chick 101!

Every gal needs a new outfit. And this site needed a serious makeover! I'd love to take you on a little Chick 101 Tour so that you'll be completely up to speed come football season. So without further ado, let's dive in!

I've been wanting to create the new header forever and finally got around to it. It's my version of what this blog is all about--listening to the male perspective on this crazy game and taking "notes" but then translating those notes into things that girls (or just non-sports nuts) can understand.

Underneath the header are tabs. Pretty self-explanatory...About Me, Basic Rules, etc. Refer back to these pages when you need some brushing up on the basic basics.

Ok, the left hand column is new! You can follow me on Twitter, subscribe by email and check out some classic blog posts in the Chick 101 Vocabulary Terms section. This is where I break down the positions on the field in total chickspeak. What's a running back, you ask? Why, they are kinda like Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard! How, you ask? Well click and find out! We are missing a few defensive positions and I'm gonna cover those this season so get ready. To this day, whenever anyone talks about running backs I immediately think of The Bodyguard and remember what the hell running backs do.

Under the vocab terms is an ad for my new kids clothing line, Lazy Jane. Check it out and buy many many kids clothes. (That's a subliminal message.)

The middle column is mostly the same, I've tidied up the fonts and colors of the posts and you can still see other posts "you might like" underneath each entry. There is also a little button called "Share This" under each post that makes it possible to share that post over email, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter and a bunch of other cool sites.

The "What's Hot This Week" section still keeps you up to date on the latest league goings on. Here you'll find gossip, headlines of the week and stuff that is either extra informative or too complicated for me to write about myself.

Underneath that section is the Popular Posts section where you can find, well, popular posts. As you can see, I should probably start a second blog about my famous cousin who sings on Glee as a Warbler. He is very popular on this blog.

Underneath the Popular Posts, you can subscribe to an RSS feed and underneath that you can check out the recent comments people have posted. Moving further down, I list some other great "chick" sports sites that I love. Mostly I love my girl Jen over at Sports Stole My Man. She too is involved with a sports nut and writes about her life that usually has to revolve around sports.

Then there is the blog archive. At the very bottom of the screen is one of my favorite things--the "Who's reading Chick 101?" map. It represents everyone who's read Chick 101 from all around the world! Pretty cool, right? If you happen to see one of the hearts flashing, it means that someone is reading it right when you are.

And that just about sums it up! Please let me know what you think of the new site. I love any and all feedback and if you have any suggestions on how I can improve things, please let me know!

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