The Linebackers: Super Stalkers

Alright, it's finally time for me to finish my definitions of the defensive positions! As most of you know, across the top of this blog there are tabs that explain the rules, the field, some phrases and some of the positions.

We've discussed the offensive positions: the QuarterbackTight EndRunning Backs and the Wide Receivers. On the defense, we've covered the Defensive Linemen. Today, we're gonna learn about the Linebackers, or as I've conveniently named them, the "Super stalkers."

First, a little review is in order. Remember back, if you will, to when we were discussing the Golden Boy (or, as he is more commonly known--The quarterback). I was telling you how our guy Tom Brady (and his pals Whitney and Kevin) was protected by his offensive line (the Security Guards) from those pesky defensive linemen (The Paparazzi). In actuality, this part of the defense is split up into two lines (probably just to confuse us and be annoying). The ones in front are the linemen and the ones in back of them are the linebackers.Get it?
So, those linemen (paparazzi) are trying their hardest to break through the offensive line (security guards) to get to the quarterback (Golden Boy/celebrity) or the running backs (Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner). If that doesn't work and some of the security guards tackle the front paparazzi line, they are then subjected to the even more surly LINEBACKERS. These guys are there to grab the squirrely offensive guys and force them unceremoniously to the ground. They are aggressive, fierce (hence the "super stalker" moniker) and tend to do the most tackling. Some very famous linebackers include Ray LewisDick Butkus, and Lawrence Taylor.

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