Cornerbacks. The WR's arch rival.

Don't underestimate Kate! 

Ok, so now you've almost got a grasp of the entire team. For our purposes tonight, I'll ask you to remember back to theWide Recievers (aka the 'Supermodels.') on the offense. Our QB (Goldenboy) can chuck the ball way down field to the WR, who is usually very tall, slender, has a big, outgoing personality and isn't very likely to get his hands dirty--hence the 'Supermodel' moniker.

However, on the defense, there are these other fellows. They are watching the Supermodels like a hawk. And these fellows are maybe not as tall or as outspoken as a wide receiver. But these guys want that ball that the WR is trying to catch. They want it bad. It's not even that they usually think they could intercept it and run it back for a touchdown. They'd be happy just to knock it out of your hands and make you look like a dipsh*t. They are the arch rivals. Also known as the 'secondary,' or the second line of defense behind thelinemen (paparazzi) and the linebackers (super stalkers). If the QB is throwing (passing) the ball, these guys are the ones trying to make SURE the WRs don't catch that ball. They want to scream 'Neener neener boo boo' at the opposing team and maybe trip them so that they can't shine. They aren't quite good enough to be a wide receiver, but they can sure mess them up. We've all run into these people, haven't we? They are the thunder-stealers. The Burger King to your McDonald's. The Kate Moss to your Naomi Campbell.

(I mean, Naomi, Christy and Claudia reigned supreme until this tiny British gal pops into the scene and steals their thunder. There's no way she could keep up on the runway but she took a damn good picture. I know, I know. Kate Moss isn't the BEST example because she basically became a supermodel, I get it. But I think you see what I mean, right?)

Basically, the cornerbacks are there to make sure the wide receiver doesn't catch the ball. And that's that.

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  1. Thank you so much for the imagery, knowledge and laughs :)


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