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Wide Recievers: The Supermodels

Hello my lovelies,
Today we are going to learn about the WIDE RECEIVERS, otherwise known as the "Supermodels." They actually have categorical names like the "Split Ends," (wait, guys think about them too? Shocking!) "Flankers," and "Slot" receivers. These names, however, do not matter to you in the least bit. Isn't that fantastic? To you, they are all simply wide receivers (WRs). Let's refresh our memories on where they reside on the field, shall we?They are the dudes way out on the ends. When the ball is snapped to the QB, we once again focus on his options. Remember that he has the option of either passing it to the running backs (Whitney and Kevin) as they run by, or he can try to stall as these wide receiving "supermodels" of the offense gallop past the defense and try to find an open spot on the field so he can chuck it to one of them as hard as he can. They, in turn, will (hopefully) "receive," or catch, the ball from him. Hence the difference between running backs and wide receivers--they have similar job descriptions but mostly, the running backs get the ballpassed to them and run with it while the wide receivers run down field first and then catch the ball. See diagram below:
Meet your wide receivers. These are the guys with no dirt on their uniforms. They are the ones you see running full speed while looking backwards over their shoulders while reaching out (sometimes with only one hand) to catch the ball--all while trying to keep two feet in bounds at all times. They are usually tall, on the thin side, super fast and graceful. Almost like a Gazelle.....or, shall we say, a "Giselle." So, in other words, Tom Brady is in fact passing the ball down field to his wife Giselle. Who woulda thought?

Some famous wide recievers are Randy Moss, Terrell Owens (TO), and the best name of all, Chad Ochocinco. (His name was Chad Johnson until he LEGALLY changed it to Chad "Ochocinco" which means "8-5" in Spanish. He did this so his name would match the number on his jersey...85. Wow. Dedication or stupitidy? You decide.)

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