Tom Brady

Quarterback: The Golden Boy

So, we start with the most important and usually most well known position on a football team--the QUARTERBACK. He resides on the OFFENSE (the guys who have the ball. The DEFENSE is the group of guys on the other side that are trying to stop the ball.)

The QUARTERBACK is usually the metaphoric “hero” to his team and the fans. Usually a tall, extremely athletic, handsome, All-American “Golden Boy,” the quarterback is almost like the leader of a gang with his “line” (shall we say almost like a chorus line?) of teammates trying to defend him from the other guys so he can perform his heroic duties.

Some quarterbacks you've definitely heard of:TOM BRADY (Giselle), TONY ROMO (Jessica's ex), and PEYTON MANNING (brother of ELI on the NY Giants--also a QB). And of course, there is the infamous MICHAEL VICK. These guys could fill up an entire US Weekly by themselves!

The QB leans over the guy in front of him (who is bending over--its kind of like they're spooning while standing up) while holding his outstretched hands down through the other guys legs. Awkward! I know you've seen this pose...most women think it looks a little...invasive?

After he yells a bunch of random words (like numbers and colors...think: "Blue, 32!, Green, 17!, Hike!"), the other guy HIKES it to him (tosses it backwards through his legs). This is also called the SNAP.

Anyway, he then throws/passes (same thing), or hands the ball (called a HAND-OFF) to his awaiting RECEIVERS.
Tony Romo

If you think football is boring, start looking at it this way: It's game day. There are two gangs—-a la West Side Story—-with two leaders, both wanting the same thing, with only one prevailing at the end. It's the Jocks versus.....the Jocks! Drama, drama, drama. I love the fact that (usually) football is just as dramatic as any soap-opera, reality show, or even a good catfight. You just have to know where to look.
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