Plays & Downs

Did any of you watch any pre-season Football this past Sunday? Did you understand Plays and Downs a little bit more? Did you tell your husbands/friends that football was sort of like sitting in traffic? Good! I'm sure they were impressed.

One thing you may have noticed is when the announcer says something like, "3rd and 7" or 2nd and 10." This little phrase is uttered constantly throughout the game. I'm here to tell you that you actually know what this means, even though you think you don't!

So the "3rd" or "2nd" reference refers to the DOWN, as in "3rd DOWN (or try)." The second reference refers to how many yards left they have to go before they make it to the next DOWN. So, it should really sound like this: "3rd DOWN, and 7 YARDS TO GO."

Sometimes they say it this way, sometimes they don't. You are expected to know these little shortcuts. And now you do! :)

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