Monday, November 22, 2010

Brad Childress Fired

Well, looks like this guy got his wish! Brad Childress was fired from the Minnesota Vikings this weekend after their record dropped to 3-7. I'll have my full report tomorrow. Read the full article about Childress here.
Until tomorrow!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stanley Cup Ruined By Girlfriend

Thanks to my girl over at SportsStoleMyMan, I give you this hilarious video of a girlfriend slowly torturing her dude by turning off the TV from another room while he watches the Stanley Cup. I'm almost weeping. Enjoy:

Tonight: Bears vs. Dolphins

Surprise, kids! There's a game on tonight! I decided to get myself in the mood for football by watching a couple of episodes of 'Football Wives' this morning on VH1 OnDemand. Whoa! Makes for some entertaining TV but also makes me look at the game from a whole new perspective. That counts as watching football, right?

Well, maybe not, but luckily you get to watch football tonight instead of the Real Housewives. I guess that's what the DVR is for! Tonight's teams are the Chicago Bears (6-3) and the Miami Dolphins (5-4). The Dolphins are using their third string QB, Tyler Thigpen (love the name, btw) because their first two were knocked out of Sunday's game with injuries.

Dolphin's coach, Tony Sparano (no, not Soprano but you can bet i'll be remembering it that way!!), tried to amp up the offense by putting in QB Chad Pennington on Sunday. Pennington hadn't played since he was sidelined by a shoulder injury in Week 3 of 2009. He lasted only 2 plays before getting a--you guessed it--season-ending shoulder injury. Then Coach Soprano, I mean Sparano, put in Chad Henne (remember him from last season, 'rhymes with Jenny') and he left in the third quarter with a knee injury.

Thigpen took over after that and looked solid, leading the Dolphins in a victory over Tennessee.

What to look for tonight: Chicago has a strong defense and they'll try to capitalize on Thigpen's inexperience and lack of practice. QB Jay Cutler and WR Devin Hester are the players to watch on the Bears. Another thing to look at before the game is this link to the Miami Dolphins website. OMG. I laughed out loud!!! Gloria Estefan and some other dude I should probably know doing a Faith Hill-esque dance-y sing-y Dolphins/Bears game football song!

***this was a way better version before the the link is to some shady video, but you can still get the picture!!

PLEASE watch will make you laugh. Hard. Highlights: Estefan doing "air guitar" and this little fabulous exchange: Estefan: "Show me some Spanish, baby!" Hairy guy:"ESTOS LISTAS PARA FOOTBALL!" 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! I just watched it again.

And I get told that MY shows are cheesy?

Until next time!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Michael Vick-Mr. MVP!!

The explosive Michael Vick
The two words on everyone's lips this morning will be MICHAEL and VICK. Apparently prison makes you a way better football player! He absolutely killed it last night scoring 6 touchdowns and crushing Donovan McNabb and the Washington Redskins 59-28. If someone you know has Vick on their fantasy team, they most likely have a glazed over look in their eyes can't stop giggling this morning.

Interestingly enough, it's the QB on the other team who is getting the big bucks this morning.  Remember last week when McNabb got benched by the coach stating he lacked the "cardiovascular endurance" to run fast plays? It seems he showed them by signing a $78 million, 5 year contract with the Redskins. It apparently doesn't matter that he's played his worst season on record and managed to get his ass kicked last night by the Eagles. Must be nice.

What to say to a dude: "That Michael Vick! I can't believe he scored 6 touchdowns in a single game!"

In other news:

#1- The BEST highlight, in my opinion, had to be from the Jaguars/Texans game on Sunday. It was the last few seconds of the game and the Jaguar QB threw a Hail Mary pass (meaning really freaking far down the field) to try for the touchdown. Some smart ass on the other team (Glover Quin) jumped up and batted the ball down in an "I'll show YOU who's boss" move......and it went RIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF A JAGUAR (Mike Thomas) WHO THEN STEPPED INTO THE ENDZONE FOR THE TD AND THE WIN. It was kind of amazing. You'll be seeing this clip for months to come. Listen to the announcers freak out:

What to say to a dude: "Do you believe that Hail Mary pass in the Jaguars/Texans game?? That was crazy!!" 

#2- Brett Favre is still hurt and in pain and everyone is still all concerned about his 'most consecutive starts' stat being in jeopardy. Give it a rest, already! Am I the only one who thinks he should just get the heck outta dodge and go fishing or something?? Jeez.
What to say to a dude: "Do you think Favre will finally get benched next week?"

#3- The Dallas Cowboys managed to break their 5 game losing streak with interim head coach Jason Garrett in charge. QB Jon Kitna had a good game. Whew! Now I can go back to not caring about them.
What to say to a dude: "Do you think the Cowboys will keep Garrett?"

#4- Tom Brady is still hot, still has Beiber hair and is still crushing it. His New England Patriots beat the Steelers 39-26.
It's best not to speak about Tom Brady to dudes. Ha.

And that's it, my people! Until next time!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday Night's Game: Hair-On-Hair Action, Security Guard Goes Flying!

 So did anyone see last night's game? Many random things added up to a pretty entertaining game! And I only watched the last half...Here's what I saw:

The Steelers were up 20-7 (playing the Cincinnati Bengals) when I started watching, then they scored again so it was 27-7. Not that great, right? Right. My mind began to wander and I started noticing an excessive amount of hair going on--on both sides. And then this happened:

Hahahaha! The hair balls attacked each other! In case you care, the players are Troy Polamalu and Domata Peko. Hmmm, it seems they're both Samoan, love long hair and tackling people.

So then the Steelers started to fall apart and the Bengals started to catch up. Terrell Owens made a touchdown and BAM! Ran RIGHT into a security guard on the edge of the field who (obviously) wasn't paying attention.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry Mr. Security Guard, but I totally laughed out loud.

Aside from those gems, some guy on the Steelers got a penalty and his name is....wait for it....FLOZELL ADAMS. FloZELL? How did I miss him on my Best Names list?

Anyway, the Bengals almost caught up to the Steelers 27-24 but didn't quite manage to win it. Big Ben Roethlisberger sloppily led his team to a win.

Other news from the weekend:
The coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Wade Phillips, finally got the boot. They are doing miserably. They promoted offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett, to head coach. He's never held a head coaching job so everyone will be watching him closely in the coming weeks.

The Randy Moss saga continues as he has started practicing with his new team on Monday. However, in true Moss fashion he is refusing to speak with the media (he hasn't given an interview since Oct 13th) and has been fined $25, 000 by the NFL for refusing to speak with the media. It's either all or nothing with him, isn't it??

In what I like to call an episode of 'NFL Gossip Girl,' the Dolphins are accusing Ravens fullback Le'Ron McClain of spitting in the face of Dolphin linebacker Channing Crowder. First of all....those NAMES!!! Are you kidding me?? I'll let you read about it in 'What's Hot This Week,' but I mean, come on. To anyone who doesn't think the NFL is a soap opera, think again!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself last night! Maybe this football stuff is kinda entertaining after all...

Until next time!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Moss to Titans, Games to Watch Today

Titans Coach Jeff Fisher
So if you haven't heard by now, former New England Patriot/Minnesota Viking Randy Moss has been picked up by the Tennessee Titans. This whole saga is causing much turmoil amongst the announcers and reporters of the NFL. Mike and I were watching NFL Countdown on ESPN this morning (I know! I was actually interested!!! And we also figured out that if we put Cinderella on the laptop for Laila, we could get a few minutes of TV watching in. Ha.) and Chris Berman, Chris Carter, Mike Ditka and another guy were SO INTENSELY SERIOUS about discussing Randy Moss! Like they were all personally involved.
It was kind of a turn on, actually. In any case, the Titans have a bye week this week (meaning they don't play) so stay tuned for next week....EVERY.ONE. will be talking about Moss playing for the Titans. It's quite an accomplishment to be fired twice in less than 2 months!

The morning games have started, but I know you'll either be watching the RedZone Channel or the end of these games:

Mark Sanchez
NY Jets vs. Detroit Lions--Let's face it, Mark Sanchez is hot.

Tampa Bay Bucs vs. Atlanta Falcons

Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens

These afternoon games are ones to watch:

Indianapolis Colts vs. Philadelphia Eagles--(4:15 ET) See Peyton Manning vs. Michael Vick!

Kansas City Cheifs vs. Oakland Raiders--(4:15 ET) this is the first time in 12 games that the Raiders' game hasn't been "blacked out" on TV...meaning that they are playing pretty well and selling out the stadium. Unfortunately, it's pouring rain here in the Bay Area. Those games are always good to watch from home in front of the fireplace.

Me with Chris Berman!
And just for fun, since I mentioned Chris Berman, I had to show you guys this pic of us together when I had the amazing opportunity to attend the ESPY Awards a couple of years ago. Ha!!

Until next time!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shameless Plug!!!

Ok, so the episode of Glee on next Tuesday (Nov 9th) will feature my amazing cousin, Cord Jackman and equally amazing family friend, Aaron Page in a group called "The Warblers." They will be singing a version of "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!

It's already getting talked about by Perez Hilton! Awwwww, yeah:

Here they sure to look for them!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some Great Pics from the SF Ticker Tape Parade!

Just for fun....a little bit of what is going on here today!!!
Fear the Beard!

Moss Insults Mom and Pop Buffet

The loveable Randy Moss
Sooooo, Randy Moss has outdone himself this time.

Apparently, every Friday after practice, the Minnesota Vikings invite a local restauranteur to serve a catered meal to the team in their locker room. Seems like a nice, thoughtful thing to do....end of the week buffet served by some down-to-earth folks from your town. Not so for good 'ol Randy!

As confirmed by Tinucci's Restaurant and Catering co-owner Gus Tinucci (who was actually serving the players the food), Moss took one look at the spread and said, AND I QUOTE:

"What the _______ is this? I wouldn't feed this crap to my dog!!!" the top of his lungs. DUDE. You JUST got hired to this new team. Brett Favre is falling apart in the corner and you are screaming about the food? There was talk about Moss saying how he used to have to 'eat this crap but now he has money.' Wow. Sounds like a humble guy.

(For the record, the catered meal consisted of chicken, pasta, ribs, veggies and other dishes. Witnesses say it was, in fact, good! But that's beside the point.) 

Listen to the interview in Tinucci's own words here. 

Tinucci reports that another player came up to him after the outburst and apologized to him. I'll keep you updated on who he offends next!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Favre Gets Pummeled, Cowboys Suck...


Giants Win!!!
Last night the city of San Francisco went absolutely nuts when their home team beat the Texas Rangers 3-1. My husband and I had the rare pleasure of being out at a sports bar when this happened. Now THAT is when I really enjoy sports...when the entire place is screaming, jumping out of their seats and high-fiving total strangers! The bartenders popped some champagne and passed it around--twice! It made my hot fudge sundae even more enjoyable. This is their first win since 1954. The whole city is looking forward to the ticker-tape parade going through downtown SF tomorrow at 11am.
And now on to some football....

Favre all busted up
#1 This picture really says it all, no? Poor Brett Favre is just a hot mess these days. On Sunday, he got carted off the field after he received lacerations to his chin, requiring eight stitches. This is in addition to his broken foot from last week. This is ALSO in addition to the ongoing investigation involving former Jets host, Jenn StergerThe Vikings went on to lose to the Patriots 18-28.

Obviously, Favre is scheduled to start next week against Arizona. (Maybe you should TAKE A BREAK, big guy. I'm just saying...)

Miles Austin
#2 The Cowboys suck. I mean, REALLY suck. This Sunday brings their record to 1-6. Not good. Especially since they have that brand new bajillion dollar stadium that, ironically, will be home to this year's Superbowl. I'm going to make an educated guess that Tony Romo and his team will not be participating. Their general manager, Jerry Jones, even apologized to the fans.

Since Romo is still out because of a collarbone injury last week, QB Jon Kitna stepped in as his replacement. He ended up throwing 4 interceptions and they lost the game. However, everyone is saying that ALL of blame should go to his receivers since they did such a sucky job. One of those receivers is Miles Austin, Kim Kardashian's ex whatever.

On set of GLEE
On another note, my amazing cousin, Cord, and equally amazing family friend, Aaron, will both be on an episode of GLEE tonight! Look for them in these spiffy outfits. They will be singing. Obviously. 

Glee airs on Fox at 8/7c tonight!!! Congrats, guys!!!

Until next time!

*************Update...Glee was a rerun tonight. Stay tuned for next week!**************

Monday, November 1, 2010

Randy Moss Fired after one month!!


Randy gets the boot!

In a strange turn of events, the Minnesota Vikings have "waived" or let go of Wide Receiver Randy Moss only one month after being traded by the New England Patriots. You remember Moss, right? Brady told him he should shave is beard and Moss told Brady he looked like a girl.) After what looked like a couple of almost purposely sloppy plays on Sunday, Moss then held a bizarre press conference in which he interviewed himself. Oooooooooo Kaaaaaaaayyyy.

To make matters worse, he proceeded to criticize Brad Childress and the coaching staff of the Vikings (his team) and then praise Bill Bellicheck (the coach of the Patriots--his former team!) Hmmm, doesn't seem like a great way to start. Maybe he should just keep his mouth shut and go play a decent game. Just play! Stop talking! Apparently, you offend everyone!!!!

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