Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Moss Insults Mom and Pop Buffet

The loveable Randy Moss
Sooooo, Randy Moss has outdone himself this time.

Apparently, every Friday after practice, the Minnesota Vikings invite a local restauranteur to serve a catered meal to the team in their locker room. Seems like a nice, thoughtful thing to do....end of the week buffet served by some down-to-earth folks from your town. Not so for good 'ol Randy!

As confirmed by Tinucci's Restaurant and Catering co-owner Gus Tinucci (who was actually serving the players the food), Moss took one look at the spread and said, AND I QUOTE:

"What the _______ is this? I wouldn't feed this crap to my dog!!!" the top of his lungs. DUDE. You JUST got hired to this new team. Brett Favre is falling apart in the corner and you are screaming about the food? There was talk about Moss saying how he used to have to 'eat this crap but now he has money.' Wow. Sounds like a humble guy.

(For the record, the catered meal consisted of chicken, pasta, ribs, veggies and other dishes. Witnesses say it was, in fact, good! But that's beside the point.) 

Listen to the interview in Tinucci's own words here. 

Tinucci reports that another player came up to him after the outburst and apologized to him. I'll keep you updated on who he offends next!!

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