Sunday, November 7, 2010

Moss to Titans, Games to Watch Today

Titans Coach Jeff Fisher
So if you haven't heard by now, former New England Patriot/Minnesota Viking Randy Moss has been picked up by the Tennessee Titans. This whole saga is causing much turmoil amongst the announcers and reporters of the NFL. Mike and I were watching NFL Countdown on ESPN this morning (I know! I was actually interested!!! And we also figured out that if we put Cinderella on the laptop for Laila, we could get a few minutes of TV watching in. Ha.) and Chris Berman, Chris Carter, Mike Ditka and another guy were SO INTENSELY SERIOUS about discussing Randy Moss! Like they were all personally involved.
It was kind of a turn on, actually. In any case, the Titans have a bye week this week (meaning they don't play) so stay tuned for next week....EVERY.ONE. will be talking about Moss playing for the Titans. It's quite an accomplishment to be fired twice in less than 2 months!

The morning games have started, but I know you'll either be watching the RedZone Channel or the end of these games:

Mark Sanchez
NY Jets vs. Detroit Lions--Let's face it, Mark Sanchez is hot.

Tampa Bay Bucs vs. Atlanta Falcons

Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens

These afternoon games are ones to watch:

Indianapolis Colts vs. Philadelphia Eagles--(4:15 ET) See Peyton Manning vs. Michael Vick!

Kansas City Cheifs vs. Oakland Raiders--(4:15 ET) this is the first time in 12 games that the Raiders' game hasn't been "blacked out" on TV...meaning that they are playing pretty well and selling out the stadium. Unfortunately, it's pouring rain here in the Bay Area. Those games are always good to watch from home in front of the fireplace.

Me with Chris Berman!
And just for fun, since I mentioned Chris Berman, I had to show you guys this pic of us together when I had the amazing opportunity to attend the ESPY Awards a couple of years ago. Ha!!

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