Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday Night's Game: Hair-On-Hair Action, Security Guard Goes Flying!

 So did anyone see last night's game? Many random things added up to a pretty entertaining game! And I only watched the last half...Here's what I saw:

The Steelers were up 20-7 (playing the Cincinnati Bengals) when I started watching, then they scored again so it was 27-7. Not that great, right? Right. My mind began to wander and I started noticing an excessive amount of hair going on--on both sides. And then this happened:

Hahahaha! The hair balls attacked each other! In case you care, the players are Troy Polamalu and Domata Peko. Hmmm, it seems they're both Samoan, love long hair and tackling people.

So then the Steelers started to fall apart and the Bengals started to catch up. Terrell Owens made a touchdown and BAM! Ran RIGHT into a security guard on the edge of the field who (obviously) wasn't paying attention.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry Mr. Security Guard, but I totally laughed out loud.

Aside from those gems, some guy on the Steelers got a penalty and his name is....wait for it....FLOZELL ADAMS. FloZELL? How did I miss him on my Best Names list?

Anyway, the Bengals almost caught up to the Steelers 27-24 but didn't quite manage to win it. Big Ben Roethlisberger sloppily led his team to a win.

Other news from the weekend:
The coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Wade Phillips, finally got the boot. They are doing miserably. They promoted offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett, to head coach. He's never held a head coaching job so everyone will be watching him closely in the coming weeks.

The Randy Moss saga continues as he has started practicing with his new team on Monday. However, in true Moss fashion he is refusing to speak with the media (he hasn't given an interview since Oct 13th) and has been fined $25, 000 by the NFL for refusing to speak with the media. It's either all or nothing with him, isn't it??

In what I like to call an episode of 'NFL Gossip Girl,' the Dolphins are accusing Ravens fullback Le'Ron McClain of spitting in the face of Dolphin linebacker Channing Crowder. First of all....those NAMES!!! Are you kidding me?? I'll let you read about it in 'What's Hot This Week,' but I mean, come on. To anyone who doesn't think the NFL is a soap opera, think again!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself last night! Maybe this football stuff is kinda entertaining after all...

Until next time!


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