Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Michael Vick-Mr. MVP!!

The explosive Michael Vick
The two words on everyone's lips this morning will be MICHAEL and VICK. Apparently prison makes you a way better football player! He absolutely killed it last night scoring 6 touchdowns and crushing Donovan McNabb and the Washington Redskins 59-28. If someone you know has Vick on their fantasy team, they most likely have a glazed over look in their eyes can't stop giggling this morning.

Interestingly enough, it's the QB on the other team who is getting the big bucks this morning.  Remember last week when McNabb got benched by the coach stating he lacked the "cardiovascular endurance" to run fast plays? It seems he showed them by signing a $78 million, 5 year contract with the Redskins. It apparently doesn't matter that he's played his worst season on record and managed to get his ass kicked last night by the Eagles. Must be nice.

What to say to a dude: "That Michael Vick! I can't believe he scored 6 touchdowns in a single game!"

In other news:

#1- The BEST highlight, in my opinion, had to be from the Jaguars/Texans game on Sunday. It was the last few seconds of the game and the Jaguar QB threw a Hail Mary pass (meaning really freaking far down the field) to try for the touchdown. Some smart ass on the other team (Glover Quin) jumped up and batted the ball down in an "I'll show YOU who's boss" move......and it went RIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF A JAGUAR (Mike Thomas) WHO THEN STEPPED INTO THE ENDZONE FOR THE TD AND THE WIN. It was kind of amazing. You'll be seeing this clip for months to come. Listen to the announcers freak out:

What to say to a dude: "Do you believe that Hail Mary pass in the Jaguars/Texans game?? That was crazy!!" 

#2- Brett Favre is still hurt and in pain and everyone is still all concerned about his 'most consecutive starts' stat being in jeopardy. Give it a rest, already! Am I the only one who thinks he should just get the heck outta dodge and go fishing or something?? Jeez.
What to say to a dude: "Do you think Favre will finally get benched next week?"

#3- The Dallas Cowboys managed to break their 5 game losing streak with interim head coach Jason Garrett in charge. QB Jon Kitna had a good game. Whew! Now I can go back to not caring about them.
What to say to a dude: "Do you think the Cowboys will keep Garrett?"

#4- Tom Brady is still hot, still has Beiber hair and is still crushing it. His New England Patriots beat the Steelers 39-26.
It's best not to speak about Tom Brady to dudes. Ha.

And that's it, my people! Until next time!

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