Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tonight: Bears vs. Dolphins

Surprise, kids! There's a game on tonight! I decided to get myself in the mood for football by watching a couple of episodes of 'Football Wives' this morning on VH1 OnDemand. Whoa! Makes for some entertaining TV but also makes me look at the game from a whole new perspective. That counts as watching football, right?

Well, maybe not, but luckily you get to watch football tonight instead of the Real Housewives. I guess that's what the DVR is for! Tonight's teams are the Chicago Bears (6-3) and the Miami Dolphins (5-4). The Dolphins are using their third string QB, Tyler Thigpen (love the name, btw) because their first two were knocked out of Sunday's game with injuries.

Dolphin's coach, Tony Sparano (no, not Soprano but you can bet i'll be remembering it that way!!), tried to amp up the offense by putting in QB Chad Pennington on Sunday. Pennington hadn't played since he was sidelined by a shoulder injury in Week 3 of 2009. He lasted only 2 plays before getting a--you guessed it--season-ending shoulder injury. Then Coach Soprano, I mean Sparano, put in Chad Henne (remember him from last season, 'rhymes with Jenny') and he left in the third quarter with a knee injury.

Thigpen took over after that and looked solid, leading the Dolphins in a victory over Tennessee.

What to look for tonight: Chicago has a strong defense and they'll try to capitalize on Thigpen's inexperience and lack of practice. QB Jay Cutler and WR Devin Hester are the players to watch on the Bears. Another thing to look at before the game is this link to the Miami Dolphins website. OMG. I laughed out loud!!! Gloria Estefan and some other dude I should probably know doing a Faith Hill-esque dance-y sing-y Dolphins/Bears game football song!

***this was a way better version before the the link is to some shady video, but you can still get the picture!!

PLEASE watch will make you laugh. Hard. Highlights: Estefan doing "air guitar" and this little fabulous exchange: Estefan: "Show me some Spanish, baby!" Hairy guy:"ESTOS LISTAS PARA FOOTBALL!" 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! I just watched it again.

And I get told that MY shows are cheesy?

Until next time!!

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