Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Favre Gets Pummeled, Cowboys Suck...


Giants Win!!!
Last night the city of San Francisco went absolutely nuts when their home team beat the Texas Rangers 3-1. My husband and I had the rare pleasure of being out at a sports bar when this happened. Now THAT is when I really enjoy sports...when the entire place is screaming, jumping out of their seats and high-fiving total strangers! The bartenders popped some champagne and passed it around--twice! It made my hot fudge sundae even more enjoyable. This is their first win since 1954. The whole city is looking forward to the ticker-tape parade going through downtown SF tomorrow at 11am.
And now on to some football....

Favre all busted up
#1 This picture really says it all, no? Poor Brett Favre is just a hot mess these days. On Sunday, he got carted off the field after he received lacerations to his chin, requiring eight stitches. This is in addition to his broken foot from last week. This is ALSO in addition to the ongoing investigation involving former Jets host, Jenn StergerThe Vikings went on to lose to the Patriots 18-28.

Obviously, Favre is scheduled to start next week against Arizona. (Maybe you should TAKE A BREAK, big guy. I'm just saying...)

Miles Austin
#2 The Cowboys suck. I mean, REALLY suck. This Sunday brings their record to 1-6. Not good. Especially since they have that brand new bajillion dollar stadium that, ironically, will be home to this year's Superbowl. I'm going to make an educated guess that Tony Romo and his team will not be participating. Their general manager, Jerry Jones, even apologized to the fans.

Since Romo is still out because of a collarbone injury last week, QB Jon Kitna stepped in as his replacement. He ended up throwing 4 interceptions and they lost the game. However, everyone is saying that ALL of blame should go to his receivers since they did such a sucky job. One of those receivers is Miles Austin, Kim Kardashian's ex whatever.

On set of GLEE
On another note, my amazing cousin, Cord, and equally amazing family friend, Aaron, will both be on an episode of GLEE tonight! Look for them in these spiffy outfits. They will be singing. Obviously. 

Glee airs on Fox at 8/7c tonight!!! Congrats, guys!!!

Until next time!

*************Update...Glee was a rerun tonight. Stay tuned for next week!**************

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