Monday, August 10, 2009

The Season Has Begun! Sort of.

Whew! Football season is officially upon us, as there was a pre-season Football game on last night.

How do I know this? Well, two reasons: 1)It had to be turned off in our household to finish True Blood (Hey, I plan on watching a lot of football this season, but c'mon, pre-season is a little much for a girl), and 2)the numerous posts from my girl friends on facebook that all went something like this: "UGH, football season!! Saying goodbye to my husband till Feb!"

Well, I am here to help. Let's take this daunting, male-DOMINATED subject and break it down. We are going to start SLOWLY. I'm gonna do my best to make you not simply understand, but REMEMBER certain facts, positions and rules of the game that will make you an active (as active as you wanna be) participant on Sundays.

If you're anything like me, football is a "necessary evil." Necessary in the sense that if I don't at least slightly know what's going on during the game, I tend to become evil, bored and extremely restless. I say let's just dive in and tackle it head on! Ready, my ladies? Here we go.


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