Friday, January 14, 2011

Playoffs-Week 2!

Here is the updated playoff chart. I've also updated it in the tab section going across the top of the blog.

Week 2 (Click to enlarge)

So did you guys watch last week's games? I'm actually glad I didn't tell you which games to watch because they were practically all exciting upsets!

First off was the Saints vs. the Seahawks. As you know, the New Orleans Saints are last years defending Superbowl champs. The Seahawks? The only team in HISTORY to make it to the playoffs with a losing record. (The finished the season 7-9) Obviously, this was a crazy upset!! Next week they will face the Chicago Bears. They've actually already defeated the Bears this season in Week 6. 

Mark Sanchez and his New York Jets upset the defending AFC champions, Peyton Manning and his Indianapolis Colts. The Baltimore Ravens and the Green Bay Packers were also victorious last weekend. 

This weekend, there are only four games again! Yipee! I don't know about you but I love having only four games to pay attention to. Everyone is hyping up the Jets/Patriots game on Sunday (4:30pm EST). These two teams have a very long standing rivalry. That coupled with Jets coach Rex Ryan's love of talking smack should make for a pretty exciting matchup. Tom Brady is having an incredible season (playing football, NOT personal grooming), and once again, we have the 'Battle of the Hot QBs'. 

In other news, a woman who worked at McDonalds in Minnesota recently got fired for letting Vikings RB Adrian Peterson use the bathroom at 3am. Apparently employees aren't allowed to let anyone in after hours. Oops. She claimed, "He's a public figure...I know him better than some of the maintenance people that come in and out." After the story went public, McDonalds gave her her job back. Awww, happy ending! 

Thanks to Vern Glenn at KRON 4 Sports for the scoop. 

Check back often for upcoming recipes, game day coverage and Superbowl party ideas!

And make sure you check out "The Pro Bowl Shuffle" performed by the crew on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It's hilarious!!!

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