Friday, July 29, 2011

No more lockout and Ochocinco's a Patriot!

Hungry Hungry HipposMy husband is walking around with a giant grin on his face these days. If you've watched any TV in the last week or so, you know that an NFL frenzy is going on. I call it a feeding frenzy. It is all football, all the time. Since the players have been involved in a lockout for the past four months nothing has happened. No "free agents" have been allowed to sign and therefore the teams are pretty incomplete. And football season starts in a few weeks! Now that the lockout is over, however, it's a different story. It's as if all of the free players have been thrown into a pool and each team is swimming like mad trying to get who they want. Maybe it's a little more like that great game Hungry Hungry Hippos.

In any case, it is definitely a frenzy. That big 'ol monster, Fantasy Football, is rearing its ugly head and starting to consume our lives again. Case in point--I'd like to show you a picture of our calendar. It hangs in our kitchen and I thought I was the only one who looks at it. The other day, I flipped the page over to check something and found this:

If you look carefully at August 20th, you'll see this:

Ummmmm, ok babe. Apparently this is what he finds calendar worthy. He also does this because it is pretty much an ALL DAY EVENT and he needs me to find something else to do that day. If you want a little insight into what goes down in a live Fantasy Football draft, click here. I'll also have you know that this is 1 out of 3 of his fantasy leagues. Thank God that the other two are drafted online (but they still take up a large chunk of the night). Anyway, I digress. The good news is that the lockout is over, everyone can start picking their, players....and there is so much to talk about that nothing is getting old and repetitive. Yet. 
New buddies
One of the major stories is that Chad "Ochocinco" (even though he legally changed his last name from Johnson to match his jersey number, I still put it in quotes because its just so bizarre.) has been signed to the New England Patriots with our Golden-est of Golden Boy's, QB Tom Brady. Hopefully now that he's on a great team, he can write fewer Twitter posts, stop trying to be the center of attention and get down to playing great football. Oh who am I kidding...he's not gonna change into a different person overnight! I wonder what his fiance, Evelyn Lozada of 'Basketball Wives' fame on VH1 thinks of all this? Maybe she'll have to go join the cast of 'Football Wives' now? 

The best part about this whole story is that someone on the Patriots ALREADY HAS THE NUMBER 85!!! Bwaaaaaaaahahaha! The guy's name is Aaron Hernandez, but before you get all excited about another possible name change like I did, know that Ocho is offering to buy Hernandez's number. Apparently people do this. When Clinton Portis went from the Broncos to the Redskins he paid someone $26K for the number 26. Bummer. I was hoping for Chad Cinquenta y Dos!

I mean, if you're not entertained by these ridiculous soap opera antics, I can't help you, people! 

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