Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 8/9

Baby Sasha as a pumpkin
Ok, ok, so it finally happened. All of the sleep deprivation mixed with my parents coming to visit mixed with Halloween and a dash of "We're going to Mexico next weekend" everything just all came crashing down and something had to give...unfortunately for this girl, it will always be football. :)

In any case, the Colts and Dolphins still haven't won and the Packers still haven't lost. The 49ers look great at 6-1 and so do the Lions.
With big sis Laila as Snow White-Rapunzel

And yes, we leave for Mexico on Friday (sans kids! woooooo!) for our great friend's wedding and the absolute last thing on my mind will be football. Sorry to let you all down but I'll be back next week! I'll leave you with a cute Halloween pic or two.

Until next time!

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