Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to keep your man enraptured...

So, funny story a few nights ago. It happened to be my husband's birthday...and, simultaneously, the first round of the NFL draft. I mean, could the stars and planets be any more aligned? Listen...I used this to my advantage. We went to a lovely dinner and a movie (American Reunion in case you were interested--funny!). We got in the car and I said something like, "Hey, wasn't the draft tonight?" And then me being the awesome wife that I am looked at my NFL mobile app and said, "hmmm, SF 49ers take AJ Jenkins!" (Obviously, I don't know what this means, but of course it will be important to him)  He immediately got excited. It was like he knew that all that stood in front of his ultimate draft knowledge was....ME! Bwaaaahahahahaha! ULTIMATE POWER!! He's screaming at me, "Find a draft list, FIND A LIST!!!"
Luckily, said mobile app of course had a draft list. This is kind of how our conversation went down:

Mike: Ok so go, GO!!
Me: Ok, so Luck went to the Colts, big shocker...Redskins...Robert Griffin III. The 3rd? Really?
Mike: Yeah, yeah, RG3.
Me: RG3??? Are you freaking kidding me?
Me: Ok, Browns: Trent Richardson
Mike: Wait...what happened to the Vikings? They traded down?! What is HAPPENING?

And so on, and so on. Let me tell you, I was drunk on power. Never have I had a man clinging on to every word I was saying. It lasted for at least five whole minutes. Sigh.

And since football will not go away or leave me alone, I will be posting more soon. I love you and miss you all!

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