Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week 6 recap!

Hi all. I know I'm a little late this week. Isn't it crazy how the closer it gets to the end of the year, the more stuff we seem to have to cram into our daily routine? Yeesh. So just to let you know, the Monday morning recaps were feeling a little bit rushed to me and they obviously didn't include the Monday night game. I went ahead and took a little poll on my facebook page and most people ended up wanting the recap on Tuesday mornings so that's how I'll do things from now on. (PS-if you haven't liked us on Facebook, please feel free to show your support!)

So what happened during week six? Let's discuss:

Ray Lewis says, "oooh, my triceps hurts!"
You should be noticing by now that everyone is sporting pink uniform accessories in honor of October being breast cancer awareness month.

Over on the Baltimore Ravens, linebacker and team captain Ray Lewis injured his right triceps muscle and it is questionable whether he will return quickly. The Ravens did manage to beat the Dallas Cowboys 31-29.

Rookie QB Ryan Tannehill and his Miami Dolphins won another game against the St. Louis Rams, making the team's record 3-3.

The Detroit Lions beat the Philadelphia Eagles 26-23 in overtime. Eagles QB Michael Vick is leading the league in turnovers. This is very bad. Especially when you recently signed a contract for $100 million.

The Cleveland Browns finally won their first game of the season vs. the Cincinnati Bengals 34-24. Good job, guys. Their record is now 1-5.

Mark Sanchez and his NY Jets crushed Andrew Luck's Indianapolis Colts on Sunday 35-9, even though Sanchez only passed for 82 yards. This is apparently a very bad thing. At least they got the win!

The Atlanta Falcons beat the Oakland Raiders with a last-minute field goal keeping them undefeated after the first six weeks of the season. It was a devastating loss for the Raiders.

The Seattle Seahawks defeated Tom Brady and his New England Patriots by one point. I'm not liking the Seahawks more and more. They seem like a really sore losing team and a team who will rub it in your face if they win. I found out that their head coach is former USC coach Pete Carroll. No wonder! I went to UCLA and the whole USC student body always seemed like poor sports. Nice to see he's continuing the tradition.

And that's our recap, stay tuned for what to watch for week 7!

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