Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ochocinco's Twitter escapades

Chad, with breakfast of champions
And we're back with our favorite (?) Twitter-er, Chad Ochocinco. Formerly with the Bengals and now with our golden boy Tom Brady on the Patriots, this guy is seriously a piece of work! I'm sure he's a very nice man, but honestly, do we really need to know (and see) what you are eating for breakfast (Starbucks and two Krispy Kreme doughnuts, see pic) or getting updates from you every hour? No. And tie your shoes, dude.

Apparently he's also hatching a bizarre contest on Twitter to MOVE IN with a Patriots fan (said fan must live within a reasonable commute of Gillette Stadium, have indoor plumbing, oh yeah and he'd like you to own an XBox as well) for the first two or three weeks of the season. Ooooooooooook, Mr. Ocho.

If that's not bad enough, he is figuring out a way to sidestep the NFL's rules regarding no tweeting during the games. DURING the games. This seems like a very good rule as, hmmm, I dunno, maybe you should be PLAYING the game and not obsessing over Twitter for a short 3 hour period?! Maybe that's just me...

Here's how he plans to do it: In yet another bizarre contest on Twitter, he plans to fly lucky winners out to New England where he will work out a system of hand signals with the fan who will be sitting in the stands. The fan will then interpret these signals and update Chad's Twitter account accordingly...during the game. Ummmmm, does this seem weird to anyone else? My thoughts are that this will last for about three minutes of the first game until some new rule goes into effect to stop this from happening. Please.

At least the guy is entertaining!!

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