Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week 4

Hi everyone!
Ok so I know I've been slacking over here...this little tiny baby is a lot of work! Thanks for all of the support and patience! Let's get right to the point and review what's going on today.

Morning games:
Cam Newton
Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears
(1pm ET, FOX)
Cam Newton is coming off of his first win. Let's see what he can do against one of the best defenses in the league. Chicago is also one of my favorite cities. Maybe the background shots will make me nostalgic. :)

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys (1pm ET, FOX)
3-0 Lions have an explosive and exciting offense. It's great to see this team finally winning some games!

San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles (1pm ET, FOX)
Michael Vick
Frank Gore
Michael Vick will play but let's see how well he can do against a tough 49ers defense. 49ers Frank Gore is playing injured as well.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Texans (1pm ET, CBS)
This should be a great game featuring two good teams.

Afternoon games:
New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders
(4:15pm ET, CBS)
Darren McFadden
The Raiders are playing great these days. Darren McFadden could be the best running back in the league.
New England is coming off a tough loss to Buffalo. This ones going to be a great game. Feel free to stare at Tom Brady as well.

Night Game:
New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens (8:20pm ET, NBC)
This will be a low-scoring, hard fought game between two playoff contenders.

Until next time...!

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