Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 6 + players to watch

Good morning, everyone. I'm staring at my computer screen with a cup of strong coffee clutched in my hand. I think it's light outside but I'm not sure. My husband and I now converse with each other in yawns and I'm starting to trip over things more. Sigh. Sasha Jane is one month old today (!) and my sleep deprivation status is also at one month.
HOWEVER, of course I'll still update you with what to watch in today's games! Even when I zone out in front of the TV on Sundays, it's still nice to have an idea of what's going on. Makes my brain hurt a little less. Time to have a beer and relax until Monday.

Morning games:
Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons (1pm ET, FOX)
Atlanta is a great team and Cam Newton is still a superstar on the Panthers.
Player to watch: Cam Newton

San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions (1pm ET, FOX)
San Francisco is 4-1 and Detroit is 5-0 meaning that these are two good teams. What's also great is that in the recent past, both of these teams have been pretty terrible so it's a nice change. Read a cool article about  Detroit's unique stadium, Kid Rock and fans here.
Player to watch: Lion's WR Calvin Johnson (nickname "Megatron")

Buffalo Bills at New York Giants (1pm ET, CBS)
These two teams have exciting offenses and are fun to watch. Should be a high scoring game.
Player to watch: Bills RB Fred Jackson (my husband has told me that he's a "workhorse," whatever that means.)

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins (1pm ET, FOX)
The Eagles' record is a pathetic 1-4, (Washingtons is 3-1) so if they have ANY hope of making the playoffs, they'd better win this one today.
Player to watch: is obviously Michael Vick who signed that $100 million contract earlier in the season.

Afternoon games:
Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens (4:05pm ET, CBS)
Ravens have been playing well and Houston is coming off of a tough loss to the Raiders last weekend.
Player to watch: Raven's RB Ray Rice (another workhorse according to Mike)

Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots (4:15pm ET, FOX)
Brady and Ochocinco
Tom Brady has been playing "lights out" football (also according to Mike who is just full of random football terms today! Apparently this is a good thing. But we already knew Tom Brady is good, now didn't we?

Night game:
Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears (8:20pm ET, NBC)
Not a very exciting game but watch for the Vikings' Adrian Peterson.

Monday night game:
Miami Dolphins at New York Jets (8:30pm ET Monday, ESPN)
Miami is currently 0-4 (read: terrible) and will be desperately trying for the win against the Jets.
Player to watch: Loudmouth Brandon Marshall of the Dolphins was quoted as saying that he wants to play so hard on Monday that he wants to get kicked out of the game. Ummmm, ok.

In other news, Chad Ochocinco has returned to Twitter after a 12 day break. (I KNEW it seemed quieter in the universe last week) Apparently he lost a bet related to a video game and was banned from Tweeting.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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