Monday, September 17, 2012

Recap //// Week 2

Oooooh, cake!!!
Hi! How was everyone's weekend? Here at the Alexander household we celebrated our youngest daughter's first birthday. Happy Birthday, Sasha! I couldn't resist this picture...She went straight for her cake, face first. We actually got to watch a decent amount of football, too. AND I recreated the "World's Greatest Garlic Bread" from the famous "Smokehouse" restaurant in Burbank, CA. More on that later...

Here are some highlights of the weekend's games:

Philadelphia Eagles: Had 9 turnovers in first 2 games...both of which they managed to win by one point! Apparently this hasn't happened since 1983. Ask a dude, "So, do you think the Eagles winning these two games is just a fluke?" or "Do you think Vick can fix his interception problem?"

Biggest upset of the week: New England Patriots lost to the Arizona Cardinals. What to say to a dude, "So, what was with the Patriots this weekend?"

The New Orleans Saints lost again, making their record 0-2.

Our Hard Knocks Miami Dolphins won their first game! Reggie Bush and Ryan Tannehill looked great against the Oakland Raiders.

Andrew Luck and his Colts did much better this week, beating the Minnesota Vikings 23-20.

The Cincinnati Bengals beat out cross town rivals the Cleveland Browns but the Browns running back, rookie Trent Richardson, had a breakout game.

The San Francisco 49ers are playing great and beat the Detroit Lions, 27-19.

Monday night game:
Peyton Manning and his Broncos looked bad tonight against the Atlanta Falcons. He threw a bunch of interceptions and just couldn't recover.

Until next time!


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