Monday, September 3, 2012

All in the name of Research

You all have to appreciate this scenario. I'm in Orange County visiting my mom and step dad. I went to BJ's to try and get some work done. They have no wifi. Errrg. I circle around the endless mini-malls until I get a signal--Tapas and Beer. Score! Beer and work on a Sunday. When I walk in, there is a live fantasy draft going on...another score! I set up my laptop and order a beer. When the draft is over, they all go sit outside to talk and smoke. I wonder, "Should I try and infiltrate this group? I bet I could get some great 'lil nuggets of information. Hmmmmm. I'll down my liquid courage and just go sit outside." So I do. And before you know it, I'm handing out business cards and laughing and talking with a great group of guys (and girls!). It was all very informative and fun--thank you Jeremy, Tyler, Brett, Megan and all of the others! I hope you guys enjoy!

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