Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A little teaser...

Here is the trailer for the show Hard Knocks on HBO that I've been telling you about. I also managed to find the full episodes of 'Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins,  on youtube here. I do not own this footage, and who knows how long it will stay up there so watch away!

You can always go to and search for 'Hard Knocks: Miami Dolphins." It looked like most of the episodes were up there. I know I've talked about this show before but I cannot emphasize enough how
much more palatable watching football is after you get sucked in. There was this great moment last night when Ryan Tannehill, their rookie starting quarterback is talking to QB Matt Moore in a meeting and it turns out that Tannehill doesn't even know which team is in which division! (AFC vs. NFC--read more about it here) It made me feel a little bit smarter! Not like I know them or anything, but damn, he's their starting quarterback! Shouldn't he know this?

Other great parts showcase the lovely wives of the big name know, how those Football Wives shows should REALLY be. These are the elite wives of current starting players, not the ex-fiances of some retired guy you've never heard about. Footage consists of them doing various things for charity and cheering their men on in the stands--looking classy, young, adorable, and very All-American. Probably a little too classy for Bravo.

I learned from last night's episode that training camp works a bit like American Idol. Over a hundred guys get signed to the team and come to training camp (a bit like Hollywood week). Once there, they are given roommates and hotel rooms. Then get hazed by the veterans (not really like Idol, but an interesting thought!) Then they practice. And practice. And practice. Watch endless footage. Study. Have meetings. And practice some more. They play in preseason games. And then they start getting cut. At the start of the regular season (This year, September 5th) the team has to be down to 53 guys.

We'll learn about Depth Charts next week.

Below is a video about the crazy hair I was telling you about last week!

So until next time!

And PS--

Dear HBO Sports,
You should pay me.

Molly Alexander, Chick101 Football for girls

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