Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NEW 2012 Victorias Secret NFL and College duds

Ok, so apparently the last line was a little too girly, glittery, and said the word PINK 567 times. Too much. If your stuff fits well and fills a hole in the market, DONT MAKE ME WALK AROUND WITH THE WORDS "VS PINK" ALL OVER MY ASS. Thank you. Here is a sample of the new line. Slim, fierce and very, very "un-pink." I approve. My only other suggestion:
stop writing "LOVE PINK" on everything. It doesn't even make sense! Is it "Love, Pink"? As in, I have this great friend Pink who just wrote me a letter and signed my jersey by accident? Or is it a command, like, "Love Pink!" Goddammit! LOVE PINK! It's just all around a little aggressive and juvenile for my tastes. I digress...


  1. Love these new styles, but you're right - the whole "Love Pink" thing has got to go. Makes it unwearable. I love the Pats, not pink :)

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