Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Sterger" spells "Regrets" backwards!

My wrist is slapped!
Isn't that awesome? Although with the meager $50K fine that Brett Favre received today, I wonder if he even regrets his creepy phone messages at all. (Thanks to my brother-in-law, Ted, for that ridiculously amazing piece of Football Scandal Trivia.)

Laila and Gabe...cute cousins :)
But let's backtrack for just a sec. Did everyone have a fabulous Christmas/Hanukah/insert-your-holiday-here? The fam and I just got back from Southern California and had a great time going to Disneyland with the kids and checking out the parents' freshly purchased house that they'll move in to early next year. Only three of us had horrible coughs that probably woke up the whole house every night. Oops, sorry about that, guys! Check out the kiddos holding hands....awwwww.

Sterger = Regrets
Ok, so back to Brett Favre if we must. If you haven't heard, he was fined $50,000 (which equates to just under FIVE MINUTES of playing time for him--his base salary is $11.6 million) for allegedly sending inappropriate voicemails and text messages to Jen Sterger back in 2008. Apparently, this whopping amount of money (ha, ha) will be used to--get this--help fund a new NFL training program for "workplace conduct." Really?? Really??? I'm sure all those huge guys will get a laugh out of that. I'm guessing that the league wants this to go away and go away FAST because if they had to fine guys every time someone sent an inappropriate text, they could probably fund a small country within hours. I'm just sayin'....

Favre has yet to pass his concussion test and it is unsure whether or not he will play in this week's game. Read a great article about the whole Sterger mess here.

In other news, coach Mike Singletary of the San Francisco 49ers has been fired for two disappointing seasons. The interim coach is Jim Tomsula who was promoted from Defensive line coach and will head the team in their last game this Sunday.  I know that 49er fans really won't miss him. Adios to you, Mr. Singletary.

The rest of mankind (or at least football mankind) is talking about the PLAYOFFS. As for me, I haven't really been able to wrap my head around it yet because of actual holidays and family time (I know, how dare I!!!) but I'll get my thoughts on that out to you soon.

Until next time!

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