Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week 15, Ready or Not!

With Christmas coming in six days, three weeks left in the season, two out of three people sick in our house and what feels like the 17th straight day of rain (with no end in sight) we can't waste any time today! Why does it seem like this happens every freakin' year?? Jeez. I really am starting to look forward to the week after Christmas more than Christmas itself. I digress.

On a great note, however, yours truly will be on the local news on Tuesday December 21st at around 6:40pm PT on the KRON 4 newscast. Vern Glenn will be interviewing me about Chick 101 on live TV!! Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted!!

Games to watch today:

Jacksonville Jaguars (8-5) at Indianapolis Colts (7-6) 1pm ET
The Jags can possibly win their first division title (AFC South) in 11 years if they win today. Indy's Peyton Manning has been less than stellar this season--we'll see how it all goes down on the field.

New Orleans Saints (10-3) at Baltimore Ravens (9-4) 1pm ET
The defending Superbowl champs led by "Bad Hair" Drew Brees have been impressive as of late and seem to be hungry to hold on to their title. We'll watch him go up against Ravens Joe Flacco (awesome name) and see who wants it more!

Philadelphia Eagles (9-4) at New York Giants (9-4) 1pm ET
With both teams at 9-4 and tied for the NFC East lead this should be a great game all around. Michael Vick has been super impressive after coming back from a stint in prison. Side note: YES, Michael Vick, you are doing great--doing things no one ever expected you to do. Let's not RUIN it by talking about wanting to own dogs again in a televised interview!!!  Too soon, dude. Too soon. Perhaps you should wait until next season to go on Oprah and cry about how your new puppy gives you a reason to live. Which at this point you cannot do since you are court-ordered not to have any pets. That is all.

New York Jets (9-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) 4:15pm ET
With the Jets coming off of that hideous blowout last week against the Patriots and coach Rex Ryan pondering a QB switch from hottie Mark Sanchez to Mark Brunell, we'll see if he can hang on to his job this week.

In other news...

--Packers' Aaron Rodgers will not play this week due to his second concussion after last week's loss to Detroit. Neither will Grandpa Favre. His streak has been broken but now he's got a new one going: sitting out for two games in a row. 

--The TCF Bank Stadium is nearly ready for the Monday night Bears/Vikings game after the Metrodome ceiling collapsed from piled up snow last week.  

--I finally watched 'The Blind Side' last weekend and LOVED it. If you haven't already seen it, rent it this weekend! Michael Oher is my new fave player.

Until next time!

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