Thursday, December 9, 2010

TLC Show-Wedding Day Makeover

Feeding the giraffes post ceremony
So did anyone catch the show last night? It was silly but kinda fun to watch! They mentioned my blog but neglected to say the NAME of it. Oh well. Here are some awesome screen shots...

(Although my absolute favorite part is that in the lower right corner during the whole show, it says, "Losing One of My Giant Legs.")


Before and After
My step dad and I walking down the aisle
In any case, it was fun to do and it will be on again this morning at 11:30am PT/ET and again in reruns.

In football news there is a game tonight:
Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans 

Enjoy and until next time!



  1. Hello! This may sound crazy but I happened to find your blog through trying to find your hairstyle from the TLC show you were on! It's taking forever for it to re-air and I was wondering of you wouldnt mind sending me a couple pictures of your up-do hairstyle from your big day? (From some different angles :)I loved everything about the hair and makeup and want to copy it for my weddign in August...if you can, my email is
    If you could do that for me I would sooooo appreciate it!!! Thanks Molly!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for the compliments! I'll happily send you some pics ;)

  3. Hi molly

    I also loved your hair and was hoping for the exact same thing!

    Great blog!!

  4. Of course, Courtney! Give me a couple days and I'll get them to you! Thanks :)


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