Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 1: Sunday Recap

Hello my darlings,
I want to take a second to point out some new features of Chick 101 and invite all of my email subscribers to actually go to the website if you haven't done so in a while. This season I've completely re-vamped the site with new pages and even posted a "cheat sheet" with all the best players. Click here if you are reading this from your inbox.
You'll notice new navigation tabs going across the top for quick reference to Football rules and other good stuff. On the sidebar, look for explanations of positions and a new section, "What's Hot This Week" where you can quickly browse the hot topics in the NFL. As always, I welcome any feedback or comments and hope you enjoy the new layout!

Ok, let's get down to business:
I know you were all watching the VMA's last night (as was I...Lady Gaga's "meat" outfit? Wow. Don't send her to a tailgate party) so I will break down this weekends' goings-on in a language you can understand.

Chris Johnson
#1- Chris Johnson. Mention his name. A lot. As in, "Man, that Chris Johnson!" I guarantee your audience will be proud. Basically he is good. REALLY really good. He is a running back on the Tennessee Titans. The Titans crushed the Oakland Raiders 38-13 on Sunday.
That's about it. Chris Johnson, Titans, really good.

Arian Foster
#2- Peyton Manning and his Indianapolis Colts LOST to the Houston Texans. This is significant because this was the first game since the Colts lost to the Saints in last year's Superbowl in New Orleans. Also of note is rising star on the Texans, RB Arian Foster. He ran for a record 231 yards (a big deal) and scored 3 touchdowns. Peyton had a good game but Foster had a better one.

#3- Guys will be talking about the bad call in the Lions/Bears game. It seems the consensus is that the Lions should've gotten a last minute touchdown and was instead ruled "incomplete" by the refs. Typical comment: "Those Lions were robbed!" or the opposite if you happen to be a Bears fan :)

#4- Tom Brady and his New England Patriots beat the Bengals. This is important because Tom Brady is hot and we like to pay attention to what he is up to week to week.

Kevin Kolb
#5- Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles. Couple things-Kevin Kolb is pronounced Kevin "Cobb". Who knew? Impress your man with that one. Kevin Kolb/Cobb is also apparently really, really bad. That, or he just had a very bad day. No bueno. He replaced Donovan McNabb (who did great on his new team the Washington Redskins, ironically) and just didn't deliver. Michael Vick, notorious dog-killing QB, on the other hand, had a great day and performed much like his pre-prison days. I'm guessing that Eagles coach Andy Reid spent last night smacking himself on the head and questioning his decision making capabilities.

Tonight's two Monday night games are:
Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Jets
San Diego Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs
Until next time!

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