Monday, September 27, 2010

The Mighty Saints Have Lost...

Drew Brees and his bad hair
...their first game since winning the Superbowl last year. Sigh. Atlanta Falcons' QB Matt Ryan and his team beat the Saints 27-24 in overtime (OT) on Sunday. Maybe the Saint's QB, Drew "Bad Hair Day Everyday" Brees finally let his comb-over get the best of him. The Saint's kicker, Garrett Hartley, missed an OT field goal which obviously didn't help matters.

#2- Our favorite "changed man," former dog-killer Michael Vick DID start this week and crushed the Jacksonville Jaguars with 4 touchdowns and 291 yards. If you remember from last week, the Philadelphia Eagles coach, Andy Reid, was getting pressure from all sides to start Vick over Kolb (pronounced "Cobb"). Last we heard, Kolb was scheduled to start, then mid-week, Reid changed his mind. I'm guessing he was happy with his choice. (Although it seemed pretty obvious to everyone else.)

"All Day" AP
#3- Brett "Gramps" Favre and his Vikings finally won a game this week! However, it really had nothing to do with Favre. It had everything to do with RB"All Day" Adrian Peterson. Peterson is super fast and Favre seems to be doing nothing more than throwing interceptions these days (this is bad). They beat the Lions who are now 0-3 (this is also bad). In any case, it must be nice for Gramps to finally win one.

#4- The Dallas Cowboys finally won a game as well. They defeated the Houston Texans in a battle for bragging rights in Texas.

#5- Chris Johnson is great once again this week after having a rough game last week. His Tennessee Titans beat the NY Giants 29-10.

#6- The Oakland Raiders lost...because their kicker absolutely choked. Three times! The guy (Sebastian Janikowski) missed three (count them) three field goals including one at the last minute that could have won them the game. Yikes. I'm sure he's getting hate mail and eggs thrown at him today.  The Raiders lost to the Cardinals by one point.

#7- And last but not least, there are only 2 teams so far that are undefeated (3-0) record. They are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers are both 2-0. They are also both in the NFC North (read more about divisions at the top of the page in the tabs) and are division rivals. Luckily, they are playing each other tonight for Monday Night Football!

Kristin's date, Jay
Some things to watch tonight: Remember Jay Cutler (Gay Butler), QB for the Bears? Apparently, he's now dating Kristin Cavallari...we'll have to see how it affects his game. However, he's up against Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers who is really really good. He's one of the "top 4" QBs. (The other ones are Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew "my hair sucks" Brees.) This is a great statistic to impress the guys.

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