Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vikings vs. Saints-The Rematch

NEWSFLASH: Our "Most Golden" Golden Boy, Patriots QB Tom Brady, was in a car accident this morning in downtown Boston. Don't start crying yet--all reports say that he was merely "shaken" and continued on to practice after the crash. Read more about it here

What you need to know about tonights game:

The Saints won the Superbowl last year and they also beat the Vikings in the NFC championship (the game that GOT the saints to the Superbowl). Drew Brees and his Saints defense played hard and dirty, bashing into 40 year old Brett Favre and caused him to throw 2 interceptions and get a few injuries--one requiring ankle surgery during the off season. Brees was chosen MVP of the Superbowl vs. the Indianapolis Colts. He brought delicious victory to a city who had never tasted the sweet, sausage-y taste of a Superbowl win.

Tonight the Vikings will be chomping at the bit and the Saints will be aggressively defending their World Champion title. It's a great season opener!

Other bits--this is Favre's record 286th consecutive start. Pretty amazing.
Coaching the Saints and the Vikings are Sean Payton and Brad Childress, respectively.
Each of the last 10 Super Bowl champions have opened its title defense with a victory.

{Side note: Favre became a grandpa in April. He is 40. (His daughter Brittany Favre, 21, gave birth to Parker Brett in April.) His newfound grandpa status, along with his gray hair and this being the 2nd season he's claimed retirement will make for some great commentary. It's also a REALLY easy subject to talk about with the guys.} 

And there you have it! Go impress your friends!!

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