Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 2: Battle of the Hot QBs

Mark Sanchez - Hot QB
It was a battle of hotness when the NY Jet's played the New England Patriots this past Sunday. Jet's QB, Mark Sanchez, went head to head against Pats QB, the always pretty Tom Brady in the new stadium that the Jets share with the Giants. He completed a pass to WR Braylon Edwards**, who scored a touchdown and then proceeded to dance in the face of one of the guys on the other team. Although this incurred a "taunting" penalty of 15 yards, it didn't really matter. Sanchez and his boys continued on to victory over the Pats 28-14.

Also of note in this game: Patriots' Randy Moss became the 4th WR in history to catch 150 TD passes in his career. This is a big deal. Impress your football friends with this one.

Braylon Edwards....busted!
(**Apparently Edwards got a little TOO excited from their win as he was arrested this morning for a DWI with four people in his car and a blood alcohol level of .16--twice the legal limit. Oopsie. Read more about it in "What's Hot This Week..." in the right-hand column.)

In other news, Brett Favre is getting old. Well, we all knew this but on Sunday he threw three interceptions and helped the Vikings get to a 0-2 start to the season. Yep, he officially should have retired last year.

Kim Kardashians ex, Saints' Reggie Bush got injured (knee) during last night's game against the SF 49ers. He was taken off the field and will get x-rays as soon as the team gets back to New Orleans. The Saints won the game by a last second field goal.

Kenny McKinley - RIP
On a very sad note, it seems that the Broncos' Kenny McKinley was found dead in his apartment yesterday after an apparent suicide. This is the third player in only a few years to die on the Denver Broncos. (Their deaths are unrelated.)

The Eagles' Michael Vick, everybody's favorite dog-killer, started his first game since 2006 and did a great job. However, the coach will be starting Kevin Kolb next week now that he has been cleared to play after his concussion last week. This is kind of a hot topic...ask your dude who he thinks should start, Kolb (pronounced "Cobb") or Vick?

Other bits: Chris Johnson and the Tennessee Titans did terribly (even though I told you last week that Johnson was amazing.)

Tony Romo and his Cowboys are still not doing well.

That's about it for this week. Enjoy!

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