Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Big Day!!

Alright everyone, the day is finally here. The day your husbands (and many others) disappear into their own little TV universe, the day you notice that the leaves are changing, the Holidays are about to kick into gear, and that Football Season has, at last, arrived!

If you're anything like me, this day brings a bit of everything: a twinge of excitement, a touch of dread, and a whole lot of cluelessness. Wait, I thought Football was on Sundays? Maybe Monday nights? Nope, sometimes Thursdays as well. It's on tonight at 5:30pm Pacific/8:30 Eastern on NBC.

So let's get right down to it--here's what you need to know for tonight's game:

1) The teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers (as in "we are from Pittsburgh and we make steel". Super random mascot, right?) VS. the Tennessee Titans (I looked it up in the dictionary...titan generally means of enormous size, strength, power, etc. Gigantic. Typical.)

2) Anyway, this is important because the Steelers won the last Superbowl. It's also important because although they did not play against the Titans, the Titans had the best record last year so its kinda the closest thing to a re-match or "do-over" of last year's "big game."

3) Important people: Ben Roethlisberger (now, I dare you to forget a name like that!) QB of the Steelers. Roethlisberger is currently in some hot water after being accused of rape. Oops. Google that one if you want to know more.

4) The reigning defensive player of the year is on the Steelers. His name is James Harrison. (Start trying to pick up on these important names on a game by game basis...especially if you have people around you playing fantasy football. Slowly, you can get a grasp on the "popular" people in school. I mean, the game. ;)

5) The Tennessee Titans won 13 straight games last year. This is a big deal considering there are only 16 regular season games.

6) Titans QB: Vince Young (famous for his college team, the Texas Longhorns' victory against Reggie Bush's USC team in the BCS championship a few years ago. Don't worry about what BCS means. It means college.) Vince Young has since had a nervous breakdown (no, seriously) and his QB spot now belongs to Kerry Collins.

7) Remember that the men in your life are going to be extra amped tonight. There will be beer drinking, there will be yelling at the screen, there will be anxiety. OR, there will be TiVo. :)

8) If you are forced to watch the game against your will, just go with it!! Get excited!! The main thing is to focus on the BALL. AT ALL TIMES. When they all hunch down on their fingertips and the men in the room move to the edge of their seats, resist the urge to comment on the visiting teams "outfits." RESIST, I tell you. (They are UNIFORMS, I've been told more than once. Whatever.) Instead, pay attention! Wiggle your butt to the edge of your own seat and watch that ball as if your life depends on it.

The hard part is that the QB and receivers are trying to trick the other team as to where the ball will go, so alas, sometimes you will get tricked as well. But hang in there! The good news is that the plays never last for more than a few seconds so you can save your outfit comments for the waiting in between plays. I'm sure it will go over much better.

Tune in tomorrow for the highlights of tonight's game/what to say at the office.


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