Friday, September 11, 2009

Synopsis of Last Night's Game/What To Say

Ok so the game started off slowly but at the end of the first half both teams scored touchdowns within a minute of each other. During the first half the Tennessee kicker missed one field goal (when a kicking dude kicks the ball through the uprights in the endzone) and had another field goal blocked (6 points total that Tennessee missed out on)

Second half had a lot of back and forth but little scoring. The score was 10-10 with less than 2 minutes left and the Steelers were driving (remember the sitting in traffic analogy?) and within field goal range. They did a pass play where Ben Roethlisberger passed it to wide receiver (WR) Hines Ward who on his way to the endzone had the ball stripped out of his hands and the Tennessee defenders got the ball back. This was a big deal as the Steelers were about to win the game. The game went into overtime (or OT).

In overtime the Steelers got the ball, drove it down the field and kicked a field goal to win.

Sooooo, in the office today (or wherever you may be), try something like this.... "So how about that Steelers win in OT last night, eh? Hines Ward sure got lucky after almost losing the game for the them.”

Also, possibly mention Troy Polamalu click to see a picture (you may have noticed him last night with the RIDICULOUSLY long curly hair. He is on the cover of the new Madden 2010 Football video game. He got hurt last night after playing really well in the first half. People are talking about the “Madden Curse.” Almost every year the player who is on the cover of the Madden game gets injured. Apparently it’s crazy. So Polamalu and a guy on the Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald are on the cover this year. Keep on eye on Fitz this Sunday to see if he’s cursed as well.

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