Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 6: What Happened?

So did we all see the first super snowy game of the season? What fun! Here we go with the recap:

Morning Games:
(the team in RED is the team that won)

The Houston Texans got a much needed win after a tough loss to Arizona last week. Texans QB Matt Schaub had another huge game passing for 4 TDs and wide receiver Andre Johnson did great too. On the Bengals, QB Carson Palmer had less of an outstanding game along with Chad "My favorite number is 85 so I just went and changed my name" Ochocinco who had over 100 yards receiving but no TDs. This ended the Bengals 4 game winning streak and showed that their defense can be beaten if you simply throw the ball over their heads (meaning that a "pass heavy" offense seemed to work against them).

What to say to a dude:

"Do you think Carson Palmer will start declining towards the second half of the season like all of the experts predict?" Or "I think Andre Johnson is the best receiver in football, do you think anybody else is better this season?"

Well Brett Favre did it again. This game was a 20-10 game in favor of the Vikings going into the 4th quarter. Favre threw another TD pass to bring the game to 27-10 and it looked like the game was over. The Ravens scored a quick TD to bring the game to 27-17, the Vikings kicked a field goal to make the score 30-17--again we all thought it was over--but the Ravens scored 2 more TDs to take the lead 30-31 with only 3 and a half minutes left. Brett Favre proceeded to march his team down the field and the Vikings kicked a field goal with less than 2 minutes left. The Ravens had one more chance with the ball and had a 44 yard field goal opportunity with 2 seconds left but the kicker missed it giving Brett Favre and the Vikings another last minute win keeping their undefeated season alive. This is the first time Favre has gone this deep into the season being undefeated. He also seemed quite happy, frolicking amongst his teammates with a grin from ear to ear.

What to say to a dude:

"Do you think Brett Favre can last all season or is his arm going to start to have issues like last season when he was on the Jets?"


It appears that the Saints are the real deal. Their defense shut down a very good NY Giants offense and their offense really gave a beating to a tough Giants defense. Saints QB Drew Brees was back in form throwing 4 TDs to 4 different players. The saints also had 3 rushing TDs, one of them by Kim Kardashian's BF, Reggie Bush. The Saints remain undefeated but have a tough road ahead playing Miami and Atlanta . Eli Manning (Payton's bro) only had 1 TD and also threw an interception….not a good game for baby brother.

What to say to a dude:
"Drew Brees is back to his old form after the bye week. Do you think he’ll be MVP this year?" Or, "Are the Saints the best undefeated team in the NFL or do you think the Colts or Vikings are better?"

Afternoon Games:

This was a terrible game for Seattle who after putting up 40+ points only put up 3 points against a pretty weak Arizona defense. AZ WR Larry Fitzgerald had 13 catches for 100 yards and a TD. This was a good game for AZ fans, not so good for Seattle fans.

What to say to a dude:
"Seattle is so streaky that I don’t think they’ll be able to win the NFC West division."

The snow was falling hard during this game and the mighty Titans were falling even harder (cheesy but true). New England Beat the Titans 59-0. Did you read that? FIFTY-NINE to ZERO. Patriots had the biggest half time lead in league history of 45-0 and the final score was the largest margin of victory since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. (More on that this week) Tom Brady threw 5 TD passes in the second quarter (another NFL record) and threw 6 TDs total in the game. The Titans had -7 (yes, that's negative seven) yards passing the entire game. This is an incredibly painful loss for the Titans who are now 0-6. I bet the Lions don't feel so bad now. The one ray of hope is that Titans RB Chris Johnson had a good day rushing with over 100 yards….no TDs though. Big win for New England, big loss for Tennessee.

What to say to a dude:
Just start quoting all of the records set in this game (above).

Night Game:
Jay Cutler had a decent day of passing but threw 2 interceptions. Those turnovers along with RB Matt Forte’s two fumbles pretty much cost the Bears the game. Atlanta didn’t have a great game but came away with the win due to Chicago’s 4 turnovers compared to their two turnovers. Atlanta scored a TD with a little over 3 minutes left in the game to take the lead 21-14 and Chicago just couldn't match it. This was one of the less exciting primetime games we’ve had this season but still a good game to watch for football fans.

What to say to a dude:
"I’m not sure Jay Cutler was worth everything that the Bears gave up to get him, especially seeing how well Kyle Orton is playing for the Broncos." Or "The Bears are not the same team without Linebacker Brian Urlacher. Too bad he's out for the season."

And that's all for now!

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