Friday, October 2, 2009

Sunday: In a Nutshell (Week 4)

Here we go again! Here are the games to watch this weekend--try watching the supermodel Wide Receivers this week:

Morning Games:


The battle of Ohio. Cleveland coach Eric Mangini has benched "Heartthrob" QB Brady Quinn for "Not-So-Much" Derrick Anderson. I guess we can keep in mind that two years ago Derrick Anderson made the Pro Bowl throwing 29 TD passes. I guess. The Bengals are coming off a thrilling victory over their rival Pittsburgh Steelers last week so lets see if Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco can keep the momentum going.

I think everybody wants to see what the high powered Houston offense will do to the Raiders--those sad, sad Raiders. Texans QB Matt Schaub is having a great season so far and WR Andre Johnson (said to be the best in the game along with Fitz) should have big games. It will also be interesting to see what disappointing Raiders QB Jamarcus Russell can do against a weak Texans defense. Running Back Darren McFadden has flashes of greatness but is definitely being held back by a weak Raiders offense.


The Ravens are playing great football these days. They are undefeated so far this season coming off a one-sided victory against the Browns 34-3. The Ravens win because they have a great defense so sometimes watching the games isn’t as exciting for someone who likes high scoring matchups. New England is now 2-1 after beating the Falcons last week. Tom Brady is starting to look like his former self and WR Randy Moss (remember, he's Tom's Giselle) is having a good season but has not caught a touchdown. Keep in mind that two years ago Tom Brady broke the record for most TD passes in a season and Randy Moss broke the Great Jerry Rice’s record for most TD catches in a season. This should be a good game.

Afternoon Games:

This is a battle of two undefeated teams. First year coach Rex Ryan (we remember him, of course) and first year QB Mark Sanchez want to exploit a weak Saints defense. The Jets defense is playing great but we will see if they are the real deal up against the high powered Saints offense. Saints RB Pierre Thomas had 2 TDs his first game back this season so we will see if he can keep the momentum going. Drew Brees had 0 TD passes in the win against Buffalo so let’s see if he can toss a few passes into the endzone against a tough Jets Defense. This is another great matchup to watch.

The Broncos have quietly started the season 3-0 led by QB Kyle Orton who was traded from Chicago for Jay Cutler (Gay Butler). Controversial WR Brandon Marshall for the broncos caught his first TD pass of the season after holding out and being suspending all preseason. Marshall caught over 100 passes (that is a lot) in each of the last two seasons making him one of the top WRs in the game. His problem is that he is only making $448,000 this year. This might sound like a lot but remember Payton’s brother Eli got a contract for $60 mil and defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth signed a contract for $100 million…..I’d say Marshall is right to complain. (FYI-Randy Moss will make $14 million this season and Terrell Owens will make $13 million this season.)

Everybody is looking forward to see how the 49ers bounce back after that devastating last minute loss to Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings. Most people would not want to be in the Rams shoes right now because Coach Mike Singletary has the Niners fired up after that loss. (FYI-Singletary is a hall of fame linebacker (defense) who played for the Chicago bears during their great 1980s run.)

Sunday Night:


Pittsburgh lost by 3 points to rival Cincinnati so we’ll see if they can bounce back against a tough chargers team. The Chargers are coming off a win against the Dolphins but still do not have future hall of fame running back Ladainian Tomlinson healthy. Both teams will want this win, Pittsburgh so they don’t go 1-3 to start the season and the Chargers so they can keep pace with the Denver Broncos in the AFC west division.

Monday Night:


This is the game of the week! This is the first game Brett Favre will have played against his former team, the Packers, where he won 1 super bowl and earned 3 Most Valuable Player awards during his 14 season stint as their QB. (You know these people the Packers--they wear the cheese on their heads) Favre and the Vikings are coming off a thrilling last minute win against the 49ers. All Day Adrian Peterson will be looking to have a better game than last week where he did not break 100 yards or get into the endzone. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers will want to prove that the Packers were right in dropping Brett Favre to make way for him as the Packers QB of the future. This is also a division rivalry game so there is a lot at stake in this Monday night game.

Good luck everyone! And stay tuned for "What to say to a dude!" on Monday. Next week we will feature "What to say to a dude!" for the upcoming games as well as the game follow up, so get excited! Until next time...

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