Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday In a Nutshell: Week 5

Hello, my lovelies! Are we ready for Sunday's games? Let's get going...

Morning Games: Sadly, there aren't that many good matchups, however, that gives you an excuse to sleep in! Here is the one to watch:

Both of these teams are 3-1 (meaning they've won 3 games, lost 1 game.) The Ravens are coming off a painful loss to the New England Patriots so they are hoping to bounce back with a win. The Bengals are coming off a thrilling overtime victory against the Cleveland Browns. Remember the "Battle of Ohio" last week? WR Chad "Ochocinco" and QB Carson Palmer of the Bengals are starting to make memorable plays which is a good sign for the Bengals as these are their top two players. The Ravens have been relying on their defense but their offense shows promise with young QB Joe Flacco and WR Derrick Mason who is now in his 13th season in the NFL. This should be a good game to watch with some good highlights on both sides of the ball (Offense and Defense).

Afternoon Games:

The Falcons are coming off a bye week (meaning they get the week off....time to shop!) so the team is very rested. It will be interesting to see how the Falcons high powered offense lead by QB Matt Ryan, RB Michael Turner, WR Roddy White and TE Tony Gonzalez play against an incredibly strong 49ers defense who shut out the St Louis Rams last week. The 49ers are off to a great start even with losing their star RB Frank Gore (he got hurt last week). Rookie RB Glen Coffee has filled in nicely and TE Vernon Davis (said to be the fastest TE ever) has been catching touchdowns. The 49ers also finally signed Rookie WR Michael Crabtree who has been holding out for more money. We will not see Crabtree this Sunday but he should be learning the playbook and getting ready to see some action in weeks to come. Crabtree needs to prove himself as he signed a 6 year $37 million contract with $17 million in guaranteed money.

This should be a high scoring game. Keep an eye on two of the top QBs in Houston's Matt Schaub and Arizona’s Kurt Warner. These teams also boast two of the best receivers in the game in Houston’s Andre Johnson and Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald. This game should have lots of passing and lots of highlights. Keep an eye on Fitz and his Madden curse.


This should be a real test for the undefeated Broncos. New England is coming off a great victory over Baltimore and the Broncos are coming off a last minute win against the Dallas Cowboys where underpaid WR Brandon Marshall made the play to win the game. New England started off a little slow this season which can be expected with Tom Brady not playing all of last season but they are now 3-1 and looking to give Denver their first loss. We’ll see if $14 million WR Randy Moss can outplay $400K receiver Brandon Marshall.

Night Game:

The Colts are undefeated and the Titans have not won a game this season. Payton Manning is playing amazing football these days and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. The Titans have the NFLs leading rusher in RB Chris Johnson but their passing game has been less than great. Kerry Collins is the QB in Tennessee but we aren’t sure how long he will keep his job as there are talks of giving QB Vince Young some action (he used to be the starter but had a nervous breakdown last year. Rough.) Young hasn’t played in a regular season game since "the incident" so we’ll see if he can deal with the pressure this year. The Titans are fighting for their season right now as going 0-5 will make it incredibly difficult to make the playoffs so watch for the Titans to be coming out firing.

Monday Night:

The Jets finally lost last week but they just made a big move this week. The Jets signed controversial and unhappy (he complains a lot) Cleveland Browns WR Braylon Edwards to catch passes from Rookie Jets QB Mark Sanchez. Braylon Edwards had 16 TDs two seasons ago and made the Pro Bowl but last season only had 3 TDs and a major case of dropping passes. We’ll see if Super Villain Coach Rex Ryan can keep Edwards in check and get him to start catching passes. If Edwards can stay focused this will be a lethal combo in Sanchez and Edwards. The Miami Dolphins are 1-3 but have suffered some tough losses this year. They have also lost starting QB Chad Pennington for the year (injury) and will be relying on second year QB Chad Henne. We’ll see if Miami and their wildcat offense can stay tough even after losing their QB.

That's it, folks! Good luck and until next time...

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