Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunday In a Nutshell: Week 6

So how are we doing on this fine Fall day? It is week 6 of the 2009/10 NFL football season. We've come a long way so far--do you realize this?! We know all about the offense. We know which teams are doing well and which teams suck. (Raiders, anyone?) We know who's hottie (Brady) and who's nottie (Derek). And I'm hoping we can even hold our own in a conversation with football enthusiasts--or at least with the guy sitting next to you in the sports bar.
Here we go with Sunday's games!

Morning Games:
The Bengals are on a 4 game winning streak and look to continue winning at home against the Texans. Keep an eye on Bengals QB Carson Palmer and WR Chad "I think matching my last name with my jersey number is cool" Ochocinco, they should make some highlights in this game. On the Texans, keep an eye on QB Matt Schaub and WR Andre Johnson who have been making big plays together. This should be a high scoring matchup and an exciting game to watch.

Another huge game for Brett Favre and his undefeated Vikings. The Ravens have vowed to stop RB "All Day" Adrian Peterson (remember, he's a "Whitney"), so Favre will probably have to throw (pass) the ball instead of trying for the hand off. The Ravens have one of the toughest defenses in the NFL but their offense has been sputtering lately. This is another great matchup but will be more of a defensive battle so there might not be as much scoring. Let’s see if the Ravens young QB Joe Flacco (rhymes with "Jacko") can bounce back after losing to the Bengals last week.

This is a battle of undefeated teams--two great QBs in NY’s Eli Manning (Payton's bro) and NO’s Drew Brees. Drew Brees threw 9 TD passes in the first two games but hasn’t thrown one since. NY destroyed the Raiders last week (calling the game a scrimmage and not a real game. Ouch.), so they come to this game with somewhat of a swagger. New Orleans had the week off so they are well rested and ready to go. This could very well be a prelude to a matchup in the playoffs. Great game to watch.

Afternoon Games:
This would be a great win for either team to gain some ground on the 49ers who have a bye this week. Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck (his brother is married to the View’s Elizabeth) has come back from an injury and been playing great football. WRs Nate Burleson and TJ Houshmandzadeh (huh?) are starting to make some big plays as well. Arizona is coming off of a win against Houston and Kurt Warner is starting to look like he did last year on the way to the Superbowl (good). WR's Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan (if you can believe it, rhymes with "Antoine") Boldin are starting to put up some good numbers too. This should be a high scoring game.

Tennessee needs to win. If they lose this game and go 0-6 they must win 10 straight games to have a chance at the playoffs. No pressure or anything. New England is coming off of an overtime loss to Denver so they'd probably like to have a win at home.

Night Game:
Both of these teams have records of 3 wins and 1 loss. Gay Butler (Jay Cutler) and his team are rested after the bye week and are looking to come out firing against a Falcons team that really obliterated the 49ers last week. Both of these teams will want this primetime win to show NFL fans that they are contenders for the Superbowl this year. Should be another great Sunday night football game.

Monday Night:
Denver is the talk of the NFL these days--the dark horse popular girls in school. Nobody thought this team would be a contender, much less an undefeated team at this point in the season. Bronco's QB Kyle Orton and WR Brandon Marshall have been making the big plays at the end of the games to win but Denver’s defense is what is really impressing NFL experts. Running back Ladainian Tomlinson (LT) still wants to quiet critics who say that he is over the hill (he's 30, by the way) but has yet to have a big game this year.

And that's it...I don't know about you, but I'm getting excited for the Holidays. Football has been on the TV in the background of these occasions for as long as I can remember. Now, maybe when the conversation starts to lag, you can turn around and watch the game--and even have something to contribute! Cheers

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