Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday in a Nutshell: Week 7

Hi everyone, here are the games to watch on Sunday!

Morning Games:

Two words sum up this game: Michael Crabtree. Now, I normally would never bore you with stats, but this was a player that as a freshman in college caught 134 passes for 1962 yards and 22 TDs….these are record breaking NFL stats. In college these are unheard of. Crabtree was expected to be drafted early in the top 10 but when teams like the Oakland Raiders picked players that nobody thought they would, Crabtree ended up as the 10th pick overall to the 49ers. He was pissed. Crabtree thought he deserved more $$$ than the 49ers offered him (which was something like $22 million...not too shabby) and held out on the team (meaning he didn’t participate in ANY games or practices) until last week when he finally signed the contract. Everybody is curious if he was worth it and hopefully in this game we’ll see. 49ers RB Frank Gore is back from injury. On the other side Houston is playing great football. QB Matt Schaub is leading the league in many statistic categories. This will be a great game to watch.

What to say to a dude:
"Do you think Crabtree will live up to the hype? At least he's coming in at a good time...the 49er offense definitely needs a jump start."


This is yet another test for Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings. "Madden Cursed" Troy Polamalu (remember him from week 1?) is back on the Steelers defense much to the chagrin of the Vikings offense. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisburger threw for 400 yards last week but is going to have a tough time against the hard hitting Vikings defense led by defensive linemen Jared Allen, Kevin Williams and Pat Williams (no relation). This will also be a test for "All Day" Adrian Peterson against this tough Pittsburgh defense. Lets see if Brett Favre can remain undefeated with the Minnesota Vikings.

Afternoon Games:

The Raiders won last week! Finally. QB Jamarcus Russell actually looked like he knew what was he was doing and the Raiders Defense held the Eagles offense to 3 field goals and no TDs. Super Villain Rex Ryan and Rookie QB Mark Sanchez have lost 3 in a row after winning the first 3 games of the season. This game will show if Jamarcus Russell had a fluke game last week or he is starting to live up to the hype. We’ll see if Rookie Coach and Rookie QB can lead the jets to a win after 3 tough losses. Should be an interesting game.


Both of these teams lost last week and are looking to bounce back this Sunday. Bengals RB Cedric Benson is having a surprisingly great season after having 3 awful seasons in Chicago. Benson will be looking to have a big game to prove that his old team made a mistake letting him go. Chicago defense will be looking to prove him wrong. Gay Butler/Jay Cutler just signed a 2 year $30 million contract extension so he will be looking to show the Chicago bears execs that he is worth it. These two teams are going to be playing hard on Sunday.

These are just two very fun teams to watch. Saints QB Drew Brees is playing unbelievable football. Miami’s Wildcat offense is still very effective. The Saints will most likely win and stay undefeated but this will still be a great game to watch just for the exciting offenses.

Sunday Night:

Cardinals QB Kurt Warner was the Giants starting QB when Eli Manning was drafted. He got benched halfway through the season so Eli could take over the team. Eli took the Giants to the superbowl a few years later and Kurt Warner took the Cardinals to the superbowl last year. Both teams really want this win, especially NY after losing so badly to the Saints last week. Another great game lined up for Sunday night.

And that's it for now. Until tomorrow!

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