Friday, October 15, 2010

Chick 101 Fantasy Football Team!!!

Ok, so here's my big plan. The point of this blog, really, is to give you an overview of what's going on in the world of football. BUT, it is totally up to you if you even watch any of the games. Theoretically, you could watch no football at all and simply read my blog to know what's happening and what people will be talking about. Of course, it does help to actually watch a little bit so you can understand it and begin to enjoy it more (if you already enjoy it, that's good too!).

I decided that football really gets a lot more fun to watch when you are rooting for a team, a player, a hot guy, whatever. The reason guys watch SO much more football nowadays is because they all have Fantasy Football teams. (Read the Chick version of Barbie Playing...oops I mean Fantasy Football here.) They are watching certain players. When those players do good things, they get points. Two people's fake teams (sorry, "fantasy." Whatever.) then play each other each week so they have an extra opportunity to talk smack to each other.

In any case, I'm picking us out a team! That way, you can memorize the players (or write them down) and look for them during Sunday's games! You likey? The guys at the Sports Bar will do a double take when you bust out with,

YOU: "Nice touchdown! Yess!!"
DUDE: "Why do you care about Malcolm Floyd?"
YOU: "Oh, sorry, he's on my Fantasy team. :)"

They'll never know it's not real and you'll get to enjoy the games way more. Trust me. Tell them your league is on Yahoo Sports if pressed.

We are picking what would look like a real fantasy team. ha. real fantasy. It's not all the best players--that would be too easy and the dudes would be suspect. So here they are! Get really familiar with these names:

RUNNING BACK: LaDanian Tomlinson (NY Jets)
RUNNING BACK: Chris Johnson (Tennesee Titans)
QUARTERBACK: Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers)
WIDE RECEIVER: Malcolm Floyd (San Diego Chargers)
WIDE RECEIVER: Roddy White (Atlanta Falcons)
TIGHT END: Vernon Davis (San Francisco 49ers)

These are your "starters." As in, "I started Chris Johnson this week." Go crazy and ask them who they started! You also get a "flex" player each week, meaning you can start either another WR or RB. Ours will be RB Matt Forte from the Chicago Bears.

I'll go over the scoring next time. This is good for now. Enjoy and start googling!
LaDanian Tomlinson "LT"
Chris Johnson
Ben Roethlisberger
Malcolm Floyd

Roddy White
Vernon Davis
Matt Forte

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