Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 5: Beiber Hair, Sex Scandals and Tweets! Oh My!

Tom Brady and Randy Moss
I'd like to start off with a quote from Dan Wetzel from about the shananigans going on this week :
"It’s the Real Housewives of the NFL, one bizarre situation piled on top of the other. This season is a Kardashian cameo away from needing to credit Ryan Seacrest as an executive producer."
Wow. I mean, I can't make this stuff up, people!! Does it get any better? I think not. Let me explain. So, over the weekend, Tom Brady and Randy Moss had to be physically separated in the locker room because they got into a fight about...that's 

#1 Apparently Brady told Moss that he should cut his beard and Moss countered back that Brady should cut his hair because he "looks like a girl." Ouch...and yet kinda true. You be the judge: Who has the worst hair? Hmmmm.  (What makes it even better is that Tom hinted to the press that it is his wife Giselle who doesn't want him to cut said Justin Beiber hair!! Classic.) 

Jenn Sterger
#2 Adding insult to injury, wide receiver Randy Moss was subsequently TRADED this weekend back to the Minnesota Vikings where he played for seven seasons. Now, Brett Favre will be passing to Randy Moss--should make for some great games. The story goes that Moss wanted a long-term contract while his team, the Patriots, did not want to give it to him. However, the hair incident probably didn't help matters. 

#3 It gets better. Or worse, if you're Brett Favre. There are new allegations out today that Mr. Favre left  inappropriate voicemails and texts (with pictures included...ahem.) to a woman named Jenn Sterger, a former Maxim model who worked for the NY Jets back in 2008. Favre was on the Jets for one season in 2008. If you haven't heard about this one yet, you will. Yikes. 

#4 Everybody's favorite flashy guy, Cincinnati Bengals WR Terrell Owens, who has a reality show on VH1 called "The T.O. Show," is in hot water with the NFL for "tweeting" before a game. There is a rule that bans players from using social media sites for 90 minutes before a game. Duh. In case you're interested, the tweet states, "A lucky fan wearing my jersey 2day will get a signed football by Me & Ocho Cinco! My asst will pick U out!! Good luck!" No comment.

#5 Ok, now for some ACTUAL football news...Peyton and his Indianapolis Colts beat the only undefeated team (Kansas City Chiefs) left in the league on Sunday. It's pretty rare to have no undefeated teams left after only five weeks.

#6 Locally, the Oakland Raiders beat the San Diego Chargers ending a 13 game losing streak against them. The San Francisco 49ers are now 0-5. Basically their QB, Alex Smith, is turning out to be a total dud. During last night's game, fans were chanting, "We want Carr! We want Carr!" David Carr is their second string QB. Again with the yikes.

#7 Last year's Superbowl victors, the New Orleans Saints lost to the Arizona Cardinals. Rookie Cardinal QB Max Hall beat "Bad Hair" Drew Brees who threw three interceptions (this is bad).

#8 So what team is actually doing WELL this season you ask? It looks like the Baltimore Ravens are shaping up to be the team to beat this far.

And that, my friends, is that. I've got some great ideas this season for how to get us into the game and really start to enjoy football rather than just tolerate it. Check back often this week and check out the links on the right hand column like Jane Lynch's parody of Sunday Night Football on Saturday Night Live. There are some gems this week, I tell you. 
Until next time!

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