Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 6: How Did Our Team Do?

Junior Seau's totaled car
Sorry to leave you hanging, my people! I caught a nasty cold this weekend and couldn't even do anything let alone pay attention to football. Anyone know the feeling? It'll never happen again...unless, of course, I win the lottery. ;)

In our "What's Hot This Week" section in the sidebar, read about Junior Seau driving his car off a cliff AFTER being arrested for domestic abuse! That is one rough day, buddy!

Sooooo....anybody try out the Fantasy Football speak? I'm dying to hear about it! Our "team" did pretty well! Oh, AND I figured out that we really don't even have to keep score because we're not playing anyone! Ha. Even better.

Let's quickly go through it:
RB LaDanian Tomlinson on the NY Jets--he got 2 touchdowns and they beat the Broncos 24-20. Yay.
RB Chris Johnson did ok against the Jaguars on Monday night. Both QB's got injured during the game so it was the battle of the second string quarterbacks. Tennessee won, 30-3.
QB Big Ben Roethlisberger came back after his 4 week suspension and did great. He threw 3 touchdowns and the Steelers won the game.
WR Malcolm Floyd had a terrible game. Only 2 catches for 13 yards. That's bad.
WR Roddy White didn't do that great. The Falcons lost to Kevin Kolb and his Eagles (Michael Vick is still injured).

In other news:

On the Browns, wide receivers Joshua Cribs and Mohamed Massaquoi were both SLAMMED into by the Steelers' James Harrison. There were a couple of other hard helmet-to-helmet, concussion-causing hits that resulted in this statement from the AP: "The NFL will immediately begin suspending players for dangerous and flagrant hits, particularly those involving helmets." Eesh. Calm down, guys!
It really is crazy, see for yourself: click here

The Patriots beat the Ravens in overtime with no Randy Moss. Obviously they're doing ok. His replacement was Deion Branch who was on the Patriots with Tom Brady when they won the Superbowl a few years back.

Randy Moss got his first win back on the Minnesota Vikings. We hear he gave the team a rallying peptalk at halftime. Guess he's glad to be back!

In local news, the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers played in the "Battle of the Bay" on Sunday in Candlestick Park. My husband left the house at 7:15 AM to tailgate. I guess this wouldn't be weird unless......it was freezing cold and raining and THE GAME STARTED AT ONE O'CLOCK!!!  What a bunch of freakshows. Thank God the 49ers won or else he would have sat in the rain for 8 hours for nothing!

Until next time!

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