Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kurt Warner's Wife and Their 7 Kids?!

The Warner Family!
Woah. Ok, so I just hit the "publish" button on the last blog and I went to fold the laundry (exciting, I know). I sat down for a sec and Access Hollywood Live was on. They were interviewing a good looking woman and she just started spouting off all of this incredible "mom" advice! Then she said she had 7 kids!! I was like, who is this lady? So, I rewound the DVR and listened to the whole interview. Turns out she's Brenda Warner who just happens to be the wife of two-time NFL MVP-winning Arizona Cardinals.

Ok, I'm going out to buy their new book today!! She's even an ex-marine. Damn. And I thought having a two year old was hard!!

Here's the book in case any of you are interested!

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